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As an artist, Travis Louie is known for his meticulously thought-out vision. He plans his paintings like a cinematographer, setting up a distinct look and feel and backstory that connects his body of work. However, the tables will be turned at Last Rites Gallery‘s upcoming show “Zombie,” a large group show curated by Louie featuring a wide variety of artists — from Steven J. Daily to Brandt Peters to Allison Sommers and more. For the show, Louie will relinquish creative control and invite the artists to interpret the theme of the undead. See the complete line-up and a sneak peek at the art after the jump and check out the show May 25 – June 26.

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Our friends over at Color Ink Book have teamed up with Culver City’s WWA Gallery for ‘Shades of Ray’, a group show celebrating the three year anniversary of the publication and of their mascot, Rayola. The black and white new contemporary coloring book consistently pulls in some of our favorite artists as contributors and for their upcoming group show they’ve gone above and beyond just offering two dimensional artwork (though they’ll be plenty of that!) with a selection of three dimensional interpretations of their Rayola mascot. Get a look at the show’s full artist list, as well as some sneak peek images of the sculptures, after the jump.