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Joshua Liner Gallery has touched down in the town of Kaserne, Switzerland and is currently showing at Scope Basel as we speak. For their first time showing alongside the world’s oldest and most prestigious art fair, Art Basel, Liner has streamlined their exhibit and is focusing entirely on Kris Kuksi (HF Vol. 13) with a solo showing of the assemblage artist’s work. Hi-Fructose has acquired some exclusive photos of three of Kuksi’s pieces, now on display, check out the detail shots after the jump.

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Kris Kuksi (HF vol.13) continues to mesmerize the art world with his ornate but powerfully focused work. Yasmin Bilbeisi explores the new Kris Kuksi show now being exhibited at NYC’s Joshua Liner Gallery in a special report for Hi-Fructose here!

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This evening, Friday May 15th, the two person show, “Devine Invasion” featuring the works of Kris Kuksi (HF Vol.5) and Andrew Jones opens at Toronto’s Meta Gallery. Hi-Fructose Vol.,12 will feature an in depth review of the show plus a few special behind the scenes shots from Kuksi. More with gallery preview images…

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We’re thrilled with all the new work that keeps pouring in for our big Overdose show at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica! The art exhibition features 60 amazing artists. Here’s a few previews from KMNDZ’s most impressive piece, (complete with details), Dan May’s beautiful “Temptation of Cora,” Mia’s amazing “The Temptress,” Kris Kuksi’s spactacular sculpture “The Recreation” and Josh Keyes startling dynamic painting painted for the show here!

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Pittsburgh based artist David Burton’s striking assemblages are made out of vintage toys and other found objects as he happens upon them, layered into puzzle-like creations. His near-obsessive layering of objects recalls the work of other assemblage artists, like Kris Kuksi, infused with a sense of playfulness despite their dark color. Sourced everywhere from local thrift shops to his walks on the beach, the objects that Burton features are also his main source of inspiration.

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Our 34th volume of Hi-Fructose kicks off 2015 with a bang. We start off with the carpet sculptures of Faig Ahmed, then present the paintings of Joanne Nam, then delve into the public stick sculptures of Patrick Dougherty. We’re proud to present Big Eyes icon Margaret Keane on the cover with an exclusive interview with the artist by Long Gone John and an introduction by Megan Besmirched! Also we’re excited to offer a fantastic 16-page insert featuring the mixed-media works of Gary Taxali. Then we showcase Tricia Cline’s amazingly strange and detailed sculptures, Jonathan Viner’s paintings, and Floria Sigosmondi’s photographs and exclusive interview. Then we revisit the assemblage sculptures of Kris Kuksi with a major feature showing his latest exhibition, plus the new William Mortensen book, Click Mort, and much more, all in one perfect bound issue! Pre-order the issue here and see a preview below.