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Can’t help to want to hug and abuse Tim Biskup’s 2″ transparent purple Pocket Helper created by the legendary kaiju kings Gargamel. Is that a Helper in your pocket?

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Michael James Parisi used SCG modeling and texturing to portray Tim Biskup‘s famous “Stack Pack” (they’ve also been rendered in paint, vinyl, ceramic and bronze – god knows what else) and some of his other art into a possible video game. It’s not as easy to get a grasp of the visuals (we already know they’re awesome, it’s all Biskup, all the time), but the sound effects are extra super fun.

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There’s a tradition in the faceted approach to depicting figures that goes further back than than the pop designs of Tim Biskup or the vibrant multimedia works of Okuda. David Mesguich’s large public sculptures add to the contemporary side of this approach, with dramatic pieces that use light and shadows in unexpected and enormous ways. The sculpture below plays on the artist’s past work as a graffiti artist and self-professed “vandal,” using recycled plastic from street advertisements.

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The group exhibition “Major Work” at Chandran Gallery in San Francisco features a select group of fourteen artists who are making some of the biggest impacts in contemporary art. The participants are particularly well known for consistently reinventing their own approach to art-making: Alicia McCarthy, Aaron Noble (HF Vol. 5), Kelsey Brookes, Revok, James Marshall aka “Dalek” (HF Vol. 15), Sam Friedman, Eric Yahnker, Mark Dean Veca (HF Vol. 23), Saber, Hilary Pecis, Tim Biskup (HF Vol. 2), Eric White, Allison Schulnik, and Andrew Schoultz, who curated the exhibit.

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Malaga, Spain recently played host to independent Art & Culture Festival MOMENTS 2015, which wrapped on October 24th. The event brought a taste of pop culture and art from all over the world to local university students at Escuela de Arte San Telmo in Malaga. We shared footage from the event’s first year here on our blog, and today bring you a recap of its second installment. This year highlighted the work of Los Angeles based artist Tim Biskup (first featured in HF Vol. 2), who shared his talents in a workshop and showcased new character-driven abstract paintings in a solo exhibition at the school.

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Coming this October, MOMENTS 2015 will bring together artists from all over the world to Malaga, Spain, contributing their art and sharing their processes with festival goers. Now in its second year, those featured in the festival’s expansive workshops, screenings, mini-concerts and art exhibitions encompass subcultures of fine art, photography, music, tattoo design, skateboarding, and more. These include two solo exhibition offerings by Los Angeles based artist Tim Biskup (first featured in HF Vol. 2), known for his explosive and surreal character-driven works, and Vancouver based artist Andrew Pommier, who initially entered the scene with his commercial skateboard graphics.