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This Friday, La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles will debut “The Macabre Show,” a group show that treads on the more shadowy territories of new contemporary art. Featuring the works of Jasmine Worth, Steven Daily, Scott Holloway, Miso, Craig LaRotonda, Myron Conan Dyal, Mavis Leahy and Gail Potocki, the show features an extensive series of works by each artist loosely united by the overarching theme. While Jasmine Worth’s “Dark Mother” series explores a dark side of Catholic Virgin imagery, Craig LaRotonda toys with cyborgs in “The Rise of the Robosapiens.” Take a look at our preview courtesy of La Luz de Jesus Gallery.

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Fresh off his recent solo show at La Luz, artist Steven Daily immediately jumped to action, putting together an epic group show… ‘Gag Me With a Toon 3’. Dredging the murky depths of our collective childhood, the fun group offering reads like a veritable who’s-who of both Saturday morning cartoons and the new contemporary scene. Alex Pardee, Dan Quintana, Buff Monster, Carlos Ramos, Jhonen Vasquez, Robert Bowen, Dave Correia, Travis Louie and many, many more. Get an exclusive look at many of the works that will be debuting this Friday night (February 4th) at Meltdown Comics here on Hi-Fructose.

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As we featured in the latest volume of Hi-Fructose (on stands now, or available here,) the Los Angeles-based institution, La Luz de Jesus, opened its doors this past weekend to commence the beginnings of its twenty fifth year anniversary celebration. In an unprecedented showing, the gallery has enslisted every single artist it has ever shown for the past two and a half decades for a massive group showing so large it spans two months and is accompanied by its own book release. With over two hundred and sixty artists on view at the space the next eight weeks, we aren’t even able to get all of our favorite works fit into a single post! Get a look at the first half of our favorite pieces after the jump, and stay tuned for our continuing coverage on the show next month.

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Hi-Fructose Vol. 14 cover artist, Greg “Craola” Simkins, has cast together a star studded group show, now on view at Gallery 1988 Melrose. Entitled ‘Inle’, the thematic show revolves around the Black Rabbit of Inle, the grim reaper-like character from Richard Adam’s ‘Watership Down.’ A long running undercurrent in Simkins’ greater body of work, ‘Inle’ provides an insightful look into the book and film’s influence on Simkins’ contemporaries. Get an extensive look at the many works now on display, after the jump.

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Peekaboo Gallery, an effort dedicated to displaying relics and collectible memorabilia from the 20th century, opened this year. In this Q&A we talked to gallery director Matt Kennedy (also of Gallery 30 South) about the reasons behind starting the spot and what’s ahead.

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Stan Manoukian Grograou, a native of Paris, France, has always had quite the love for comics, science fiction, and monster movies. From this central passion, Stan has found a way to feed a lifetime fascination for drawing, painting and even sculpting his creatures. At age 15, Stan’s drive took him to the Ecole Estienne in Paris, where he enrolled to pursue becoming a comic book artist. It was here, in his teens that he became inspired by an illustrated edition of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Stan was immediately turned on by the fact that as an artist it was possible to write comics as well as pay tribute to the classical artists. Stan takes time out give us an exclusive interview about his work, personal life and what inspires him as an artist – after the jump.