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This Saturday, alongside Soey Milk (previewed here), CHG Circa will also be showing new oil painting and charcoal works by Joey Remmers. Remmer’s figures often appear lost, aimlessly wandering through ominous environments. For “The Lost”, he found inspiration in the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, where he illustrates mysterious young girls searching for something. Aokigahara is considered one of Japan’s most haunted forests, historically associated with demons and a popular place for suicides. It is also known for its unusual quietness, felt in the stillness of Remmers’ works.

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Just in time for today’s holiday, Stephen Romano Gallery in Brooklyn currently has a group show on display titled “In Missa Interfectionis.” The exhibition glorifies the morbid and macabre, juxtaposing contemporary works by the likes of Colin Christian, Soey Milk and Chie Yoshii with eerie artifacts from various cultures and time periods. A 20th-century Caribbean altar complete with a miniature casket and a 19th-century American illustration of the evolution of monsters are just a couple of the historical curiosities shown with the modern works. These pieces provide context for the newer ones, attesting to humanity’s eternal obsession with death and the supernatural.

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When we last caught up with Shaun Berke, he was busily preparing for his previous showing at La Luz de Jesus gallery, ” Sisters of the Inquisition.” Berke returns to La Luz on November 7th with an inspired take on Impressionism and 17th century Dutch painting, in “Sacrosanct”. His new pieces exhibit his learned classical compositions mixing religious iconography, as in his nun subjects, with some recognizable faces. Some of his models have included fellow local artists Soey Milk and Christine Wu. The work is also modern looking in its minimalism, focusing on the figures placed in subdued, apocalyptic environments. Berke also appreciates a minimal lifestyle in Los Angeles, where we went behind the scenes of his show.

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Now on view at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA is “Lined in Lead II,” the follow up exhibition to last year’s group show of the same name. Curated by Eidolon Fine Art, the show focuses on contemporary illustrators with a figurative touch, all working specifically with graphite for this exhibition. Participating artists include ones that will be familiar to our readers, such as João Ruas, Andrew Hem, Edwin Ushiro and Rodrigo Luff, with a focus on some talented emerging artists such as Soey Milk, Keita Morimoto and Karla Ortiz. “Lined in Lead II” will be on view until April 28. View an extensive look at the show here on Hi-Fructose. See more after the jump!

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We recently had the chance to visit artist Christine Wu’s studio in Los Angeles, where she currently preparing for her upcoming show ‘Shhh…’ at La Luz De Jesus Gallery next month where she’ll be showing alongside Soey Milk. (recently featured here) Her organized studio was filled with white texts adhered to the walls as both instructions and inspiration, as new works in progress freckled the walls and floors. Imbued with a subtle yet tentative sexuality, the figures of her paintings are captured in states of flux, often appearing as occupying the same space with multiple versions of themselves. View more images of her studio provided by Daniel Rolnik after the jump.

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“EMOTIONAL CONTENT: Works on Paper” brings the work of nine artists to Evoke Contemporary in Sante Fe, N.M. Curated by artist Kent Williams, the show defies what Williams considers to be a prevalent aspect of contemporary art: detachment. In a statement, the artist clarifies the charge of this show, which kicked off Sept. 30 and runs through Nov. 19 at the gallery.