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Gallery and collectible vinyl toy store, double punch, closes out 2010 with an impressive group show, “Feeling Better Already”. After a turbulent year (isn’t every year though?) double punch looks ahead to 2011 with a positive outlook and some great art. Works by Deth P Sun, Parskid, Jesse LeDoux, Travis Millard, Nas Champas, Ryan de la Hoz and more come together in a figurative and illustrative show that has us feeling better already.

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There is an infinite complexity to nature. From sea shells, to the Milky Way galaxy, to the structure of human lungs, there are patterns that exist in everything around us. London based collaborators Kai & Sunny (previously featured here) have always been drawn towards such images created by nature. Opening Saturday, they will exhibit six new ballpoint pen pieces in “The Matter of Time” at 886 Geary Gallery in San Francisco. A more vibrant palette is applied in their new drawings, alongside hand-pulled monochromatic screen prints on copper and paper. Their works magnify and stylize the things that are plainly visible to us but often overlooked. Here, this would be the turn of the tides, represented in energetic, abstract pieces. 

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For their current group show, “Paper Cuts,” San Francisco’s Spoke Art invited a diverse assembly of artists who transform paper into fantastical visions with the help of a blade. Charles Clary, for instance, builds up layers of colorful sheets of paper cut into organic shapes that resemble neon bacteria colonies sprawling across the gallery wall. Clary’s loud, vibrant sculptural work is balanced out by the monochromatic shadow boxes of Hari and Deepti, a duo that cuts out narrative scenes from layers of white paper, using the interplay of light and shadow to illuminate their characters. Yulia Brodskaya’s delicate works utilize colorful paper in a collage-like style; the artist glues different thin, delicate pieces to create ornamental patterns. Her works for the show are small yet visually impactful. “Paper Cuts” is on view through May 24. Take a look at some work from the show after the jump.