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United by their psychedelic imagery, members of the Furtherrr collective frequently collaborate on walls and paintings. Mars-1 (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 26), Damon Soule and Oliver Vernon (Hi-Fructose Vol. 17 cover artist) completed a huge, hallucinatory landscape on a wall in Denver co-curated by Furtherrr and Brian Chambers. Nearby, their friends and colleagues Justin Lovato, Joe Hengst and NoMe Edonna worked on a separate piece. Filled with starkly contrasting colors, Mars-1, Soule and Vernon’s mural looks as if it’s emitting neon light from its black background. An electric blue, glowing beam cuts across the wall horizontally while radiating forms explode from their centers on different parts of the plane. One can trace parts of each artist’s signature motifs — Mars’s dotted orbs, Soule’s ray-like stripes, Vernon’s expressionistic marks tamed into geometric shapes — but the collaboration is almost seamless.

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One of our favorite vinyl boutiques (toys, not records!) in San Francisco, Double Punch has another excellent group show now on view in their gallery. The show features a selection of artists living and working on the west coast, from Seattle to Los Angeles and represents some of our favorites: Justin Lovato, John Casey, Erik Otto, Parskid (HF Vol. 5), and Jon Vermilya. Get a look at a few of our favorite pieces from the show, here on Hi-Fructose.

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“First I would like to say that this trip wouldn’t have been possible without my buddy Justin Lovato hustling this up! Thanks my man! A scholar and a gentleman…and a talented visionary!…Russia felt like a kind of bizarro America to me…Moscow had all the energy of New York, with all the hustle and pacing, but the rules were all different…The police were easily bribable…with common bribe rates known to the community…police were all cartoonishly thuggish and everywhere..constantly checking the validity of this and that…there were no parking tickets…you could buy a driver’s license for 400 dollars.. “


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Today we bring you an exclusive preview of the latest collaborative works of Mars-1, Oliver Vernon and Damon Soule, collectively known as Furtherrr, in advance of their upcoming exhibition “Momentum.” This exhibition, opening at Space Gallery in Denver, CO on November 7 (through December 2, 2014), will showcase the latest evolution of the artists’ collaborative and individual works.

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For their first show of 2014, “Local,” San Francisco’s Mirus Gallery presented a showcase of local artists with a penchant for abstraction and surrealism. Psychedelia seems to be curator Paul Hemming’s favorite flavor; some of the artists in the line-up, like Mars-1 and NoMe Edonna, were returning exhibitors, while Michael Page, Casey Cripe and APEX had never shown with the gallery prior. Mars-1, one of the evening’s heavy-hitting artists, presented three science fiction-tinged works on canvas with fluorescent, pill-like forms that seemed to float through space like asteroids. In Michael Page’s several large, glossy oil paintings, animal characters flowed in and out of fluid, abstract shapes. Artists like Kevin Earl Taylor and Adam Hunter Caldwell grounded the show’s hallucinatory aesthetic with figurative, albeit surreal paintings. “Local” will be on view through February 15. Take a look at some opening night photos from the exhibition after the jump.

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A relatively new art space that has been open just over a year, San Francisco’s Spoke Art has quickly become one of the primary hubs of contemporary art in the city. Spoke Art recently opened a pop-up gallery in Oakland, bringing some of our favorite artists that we have featured in print and online to the Bay Area’s other culture capital for the summer group show “Oakland Now.” Original works by Isabel Samaras (Vol. 20), Kelly Allen (Vol. 19), Brendan Monroe, Brett Amory (Vol. 20) and many others will be on view in the temporary space until August 25.