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It is fitting that Josh Keyes debuted “Exodus 1” at Roq la Rue in 2011 for the Lush Life 3 show. That painting featured a group of performance animals marching forth in defiance of their former captors. This became a catalyst for Keyes new body of works titled “Circus and the Sea,” which adds to the story, but they are more prequel than sequel. Read more after the jump!

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Josh Keyes (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 24) has a knack for realism, using this ability to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction. His latest paintings focus on circuses and sea imagery; elephants and seals are arranged in careful dioramas, gesturing towards how we attempt to make the artificial feel natural while commericializing elements of the natural world. The wild animals appear boxed-up and neatly packaged — While elegant and beautiful, Keyes’ compositions also hint at humans’ destructive impulse to control nature. Keyes will debut his new body of work for his solo show, “The Circus and the Sea,” at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle on November 9. Keyes will also release an 18″ x 24″ print of “Exodus 1” (pictured above) in a limited-edition of 50 to benefit the wildlife non-profit Big Life. The print will be available at the gallery at 5 pm on November 9 for walk-in clientele only; more info can be found here. Take a look at some of the paintings from the show courtesy of Roq la Rue after the jump.

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Josh Keyes has opened up his sketchbooks to let us have a rare peek inside. He is a phenomenal artist that works out of his studio located in Portland, Oregon. He was featured on the cover of Hi-Fructose Volume 12 as well as inside Volume 5. His eco-surrealistic paintings evoke powerful emotional responses making one contemplate the Earth’s wellbeing and the effects that humanity has on it’s fragile ecosystems and the animals that dwell within them. What’s most fascinating about Keyes’ sketches is the unique opportunity to follow his methods of logic and the way that he approaches his paintings. Read more after the jump!

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Later this evening, Saturday, October 22nd, Hi-Fructose Vol. 12 cover artist Josh Keyes will be debuting his latest body of work, ‘Migration,’ at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City. Both the artist and the gallery have been pretty tight lipped on what to expect, however Hi-Fructose has compiled the two preview images that have been floating around to give our readers a taste of what to expect tonight. Get a look at “Tangle 3” and “Stampede” after the jump.

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Following his recent sold out show over at Fecal Face Dot Gallery (previewed here), Josh Keyes (HF Vol. 12) and FFDG are currently in the works to produce a new limited edition giclee print, “The Cerberus Project.” The print will be releasing soon, with half the run going to the gallery’s collector list and the other half being offered in a lottery to Josh’s existing mailing list. Get a larger view of the print after the jump.

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HF Vol. 12 cover artist Josh Keyes will be debuting his second solo show of 2011 at San Francisco’s Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Whereas the David B Smith show, “Collision” (which we reviewed here) focused on the narrative of evolution, death and uprising, “Magician’s Garden” seems, as the title would imply, more surrealistic, magical and mystical. For his latest, Keyes seems to take the tranformative nature of his animal subjects even further, antlers turn to geese in “Writhing”, while a cerebus is seen not as a hound at Hades, but rather a multi-headed tiger at a junkyard. For a more in depth look into Josh’s mind, check out this recent interview on Fecal Face, and some new detail pics of three of the new works, here on Hi-Fructose.