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Studying mythology allows one to examine how the values of contemporary culture are transmitted through history. Tying a thread between past and present, Portland’s Antler Gallery invited a group of artists to create portraits inspired by mythical creatures for their third annual “Unnatural Histories” group show. Each piece is accompanied by a short story written by each artist relating their specific character’s tale. According to curators Neil M. Perry and Susannah Kelly, some artists reinterpreted existing myths while others took the opportunity for more inventive storytelling. Participating artists include Josh Keyes, Craww, Vanessa Foley, Michael Page, Hi-Fructose co-editor-in-chief Annie Owens, Siolo Thompson, Brin Levinson, Syd Bee, Jackie Avery, Crystal Morey, Susannah Kelly, Ben Kehoe, Neil M. Perry, Jennifer Parks, Jon MacNair, and Ryan Berkley. Take a look at our preview of the exhibition before it opens this evening.

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It’s frightening how many species of wildlife have gone extinct in our lifetimes. To raise awareness for this issue and support a good cause, Antler Gallery in Portland will debut the group show “BRINK” on January 30. The show features the work of Josh Keyes, Josie Morway, Annie Owens (Hi-Fructose co-editor-in-chief), Brin Levinson, Neil M. Perry, Ashley Mackenzie, Susannah Kelly, Brett Superstar, Lisa Ericson, J. Shea, Jon MacNair, Kevin Sloan, Heidi Elise Wirz, Vanessa Foley and Juan Travieso. Each artist was invited to create a work of art that depicted an extinct or endangered species. A portion of the proceeds from the show will be donated to the Audubon Society of Portland, which works to protect native birds and their habitats, and the gallery will be doing print releases for charitable causes throughout the month.

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For his new body of work for his solo show, “Cosmos,” coming up at WWA Gallery in Culver City, Julian Callos delved into primordial themes. Set at the dawn of creation, the paintings recall the tumultuous myths of Ancient Greek gods that preceded the Olympians, the Titans, with their personification of the forces of the universe. Callos says he explores the origin of the universe in his work as a metaphor for the formation of one’s personal identity. “Cosmos” opens October 12 and in the project room of WWA, there will be a group show, “Time Will Tell,” curated by Callos with work from the likes of Michael Ramstead, Jon MacNair, Ken Garduno (featured in our current issue), Casey Weldon and others. Take a look at our preview of the show after the jump.

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Whether inciting a search for fantastic creatures of stunning beauty or mapping warnings of ungodly beasts of terrifying size, non-existant animals are deeply-rooted in the history of the human imagination. The second annual “Unnatural Histories” show will open on Thursday, September 26, in Antler’s newly expanded North Portland gallery. The show features Josh Keyes, Heiko Muller, Amy Ruppel, Katherine Brannock, Aaron Jasinski, Brin Levinson, Lisa Ericson, Susannah Kelly, Jennifer Parks, Keith Carter, Jon MacNair, Neil M. Perry, Bijijoo, Wes Younie and Rachel Sabin displaying paintings, drawings and illustrations of fictional creatures. Some imagined and some inspired by folklore, these fauna will transform the gallery into a miniature museum of made-up zoology when displayed next to one-another. Take a look at our preview of the show after the jump.

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Travis Lampe

With more than 30 artists in tow, Outré Gallery pays tribute to Hieronymus Bosch’s masterwork “Within The Garden of Earthly Delights” in a new group show. Each artist has taken aspects of the work and crafted a piece within their own sensibilities, whether a few characters in the painting, an entire panel, or just one of its themes. The line-up includes Allison Sommers, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Alex Kuno, Hi-Fructose co-founder Annie Owens, Bill Crisafi, Brackmetal, Brandi Milne, Brad Gray, Charles Schneider, Davor Gromilovic, Ian Ferguson, Jesse Jacobi, Kiko Capile, Medusa Wolf, Meagan ‘Magpie’ Rogers, Moon Patrol, Nathan Reidt, Paul Barnes, Parker S. Jackson, Peca, Travis Lampe, and several others.

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At the height of his success, people could simply not get enough of naturalist painter John James Audubon’s images of backwoods America and its wildlife, which he cataloged for decades from field observations and drawings from specimens. His artwork inspired real and palpable visions of the New World, lauded as transformative, bringing creatures like his Birds of America to life for those who would never have known them otherwise. The non-profit environmental organization National Audubon Society borrows its name from the artist who had such a great influence on others, and are hoping to do the same with their annual “Brink” exhibition, hosted by Antler Gallery in Portland Oregon.