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In today’s advertising world, it’s almost impossible the avoid visual landscape of company brand names and logos. We endulge in a pop culture that is virtually paid for and made possible by “product placement”, creating often unwelcome interruptions. This Saturday, CHG Circa gallery’s artists have chosen to interrupt their own imagery in “Product Displacement”. Consumerism is a necessary evil to a healthy economy that has intrigued artists for decades. Perhaps the most famous example is Andy Warhol, whose works like the Campbell soup cans forced us to reckon with big business’ presence in our lives. Artists such as Eric Joyner, Buff Monster, Shag, Brandi Milne, Richard J. Oliver, Andrew Brandou, Ron English, and Sylvia Ji take a cue from artists like Warhol to publicize their own experiences with advertising.

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Last Saturday, CHG Circa showed us every kind of giant you can think of with their group show “Giants Among Us” (previewed here). Giants are a timeless myth that has inspired artists for centuries. For Circa’s contemporary artists- Anita Kunz, Andrew Brandou, Armando Marino, Benjamin Bryce Kelley, Eric Joyner, Joe Fenton, John Brophy, Korin Faught, So Youn Lee, to name a few- giants are monstrous beasts, revered figures, a narrative and a concept. With so many literal and wildly conceptual ideas, it becomes a sort of game to find the giant in each.

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Tonight, 111 Minna in San Francisco will open a large group show titled “Fantastic 50” featuring 50 emerging and established artists that have caught the eye of guest curator Irene Hernandez-Feiks of Wonderland SF. From the soft surrealism of Kukula to Lee Harvey Roswell’s time-warping paintings to John Wentz’ blurred, ghostly visions, the exhibition will provide a diverse sampling of aesthetics. Other exhibiting artists include Chor Boogie, Eric Joyner, Xiau Fong Wee, Jaxon Northon, Chris Leib, Alec Huxley, Laura Buss and many more. Take a look at a sneak peek after the jump and check out “Fantastic 50” at 111 Minna May 3 through the end of the month.

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In celebration of their 50th anniversary, Sanrio, creators of the cult and cute Hello Kitty franchise, is hosting a fun art show in Los Angeles next Friday, November 12th. In addition to the games, arcade, Ferris wheel and food trucks, Sanrio’s Small Gift is following up on the success of last year’s Hello Kitty “Three Apples” party with an equally ambitious art show including the likes of Brandi Milne, Natalia Fabia, Buff Monster, Eric Joyner, Joe Ledbetter, Gary Baseman, and many, many more.. Check out an exclusive look into the studios of Brandi Milne, Buff Monster and Joe Ledbetter as they work on their respective pieces for the upcoming show!

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Bay Area gallery Eclectix, debuts a new location with the opening of Strange Brew. The group show includes artists such as Isabel Samaras, Mark Mothersbaugh, Eric Joyner and many.

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beinArt Gallery presents Small Works 2016. This group exhibition features over 55 of the most highly skilled and imaginative artists in the new contemporary art movement. With all works under 10” x 10” (25.4 x 25.4cm) this greatly anticipated exhibition will offer collectors a rare opportunity to acquire affordable art from a host of internationally celebrated artists. Opens Saturday, September 17, 6pm – 9pm. Runs until October 9. See complete online preview.