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Casey Weldon (featured in our current issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 32) illuminates nature scenes with his bright, electronic color palettes. His latest series of paintings, “Novel Relic,” will debut at Seattle’s Roq La Rue tonight, August 7, alongside Femke Hiemstra’s solo show “Warten am Waldrand” (previewed here).

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You never really think about the germs that collect onto your toys when you’re a little kid playing with them on the ground. Hell, it’s not even until you hit your college years that you start obsessing about washing your hands for fear of catching the latest epidemic. These were the kinds of thoughts eating at Casey Weldon’s brain a year ago when he signed on to have his first solo show in Los Angeles at Gallery1988‘s Venice location. What resulted from his infatuation of germs and toys are paintings of Lego heads with viral microbes streaming from them and young adults expelling action figures and stuffed animals from their stomachs.

Casey, who’s always thinking of rad ideas, also felt compelled to include 4 paintings of his childhood cat that he and his brother used to try and tie their x-wing fighter toys to thinking it would make the feline fly. But don’t worry animal rights activists, they never actually caught the cute little pussy because it was too fast for them. Casey Weldon is a recent transplant to Los Angeles, but he has been a maverick in Las Vegas for years, where he was at the forefront of bringing cool contemporary art to the city. ‘GROTY’ is on view until December 24th – Daniel Rolnik

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Hi-Fructose faves Casey Weldon and Edith Lebeau have a great looking show opening this weekend at Distinction Gallery in Escondido, CA. Weldon and Lebeau’s unique works of decorative realism blend harmoniously together as individual bodies, a synergy exemplified by a collaborative piece between the two that could easily belong solely to one or the other. Entitled ‘Macrocosm’, the show is an exemplary look at emerging contemporary portraiture, get a preview of the works from both artists here on Hi-Fructose.

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Fumi Nakamura

With only the uniform confines of 12 inches x 12 inches in size, nearly 90 artists contribute to the latest edition of the group effort “LAX / SFO.” The third iteration of the Thinkspace Projects-curated program begins at Heron Arts in San Francisco on Saturday. Among the contributing artists are Alex Garant, Anthony Hurd, Baldur Helgason, Casey Weldon, Fumi Nakamura, Jeremy Fish, Jolene Lai, Logan Hicks, Pichi Avo, Wiley Wallace, Yok & Sheryo, and many, many more.

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The transition from one year into the next inspires us to shed our old attitudes, outlooks, and approaches and start anew. It’s no coincidence that many Pagan rituals around the time of Winter Solstice center around the theme of rebirth and regeneration. Seattle’s Roq La Rue Gallery taps into this theme for their occult-inspired winter group show “Incantation,” featuring artists such as Casey Weldon (covered in HF Vol. 32), Peter Ferguson, Redd Walitzki, Erica Levine, Barnaby Whitfield, Chie Yoshii and others. The exhibition is on view through January 31. Take a look at some of the works below.

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Culver City’s Thinkspace Gallery is bringing their extensive roster of artists up north for the group show “LAX/SFO” at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco. The two galleries have shown side-by-side at multitudes of art fairs, including Scope Miami and the LA Art Show, and share a similar taste in figurative, illustrative work. Amy Sol, Casey Weldon, Esao Andrews and Jim Houser are included in the artist line-up, among dozens of others. Take a look at our sneak peek before the exhibition is unveiled at Hashimoto this weekend with two back-to-back opening receptions on October 31 and November 1.