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The upcoming group show “Space//Squared,” opening May 10 at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, examines the contrast between the man-made and natural environments. Put together by architect and guest curator Sven Davis, the exhibition features artists with a penchant for geometry: Moneyless, Adam Friedman, Mary Iverson, 2501 and many others. Iverson’s work is especially evocative of the underlying concept: She imposes linear grids over sublime landscapes, suggesting human beings’ need to systematize and categorize the natural world. Scott Listfield’s painting of an astronaut descended on an empty planet echoes a similar theme: Our anxiety over the unknown drives our impulse to explore, to make the land somehow less wild for better or for worse. Take a look at our preview of the show after the jump.

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Hi-Fructose readers need no introduction to the plethora of artists and galleries that were featured in this year’s installment of SCOPE Miami Beach. Known as the biggest worldwide professional show of modern art, 2015 marked the fair’s 15th anniversary. Despite heavy rains and winds that led to water seeping into the fair’s signature white tent, attendance was higher than ever- roughly 49,000 attended compared to last year’s 45,000 attendees. Take a look at more of our highlights from SCOPE Miami Beach after the jump!

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Daniel Ludwig’s classically rendered nude figures appear to be derived from both a world of idealized beauty and one that is rife with human drama. Though beautiful, his paintings are filled with tension, as the subjects often appear in conflict with each other and their surroundings. In an artist statement, Ludwig writes that his recent work reflects “a yearning for classic beauty [which] coexists with struggle and chaos.”