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The Bay Area is in constant change and, as many people know, San Francisco’s art scene is filled with stories of fleeing artists and depressingly high rents. It’s not all bad news, though. This past weekend, a new gallery opened its doors in Oakland to a packed house full of young new artists and veteran gallery-goers alike. Good Mother Gallery debuted with a tremendously diverse group show titled “Tired Hands,” proving once again that there’s still room for new art spaces to open, even in a troubling economic climate.

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A new kind of fair opened the weekend of September 26 at the historic Pier 70 in San Francisco. Art Beats, a three-day cultural event, ventured to join art and music with a fresh, DIY spin. Co-founders Kelsey Marie of Fountain Art Fair and Jeff Whitmore of San Francisco nightclub Public Works organized the weekend-long event with Lauren Napolitano, the former director of White Walls and Shooting Gallery. The fair’s goal was to create an affordable cultural event, one that was both multifaceted in its selection of galleries as well as accessible to the not-so-average fair-goer.

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Last weekend, an eclectic group of 19 Bay Area artists convened at Oakland’s Loakal Art Gallery for an epic, 24-hour live painting show that commenced at 8 a.m. on Saturday and wrapped up the following Sunday morning. Each artist was given a 4’ by 8’ panel and, in the spirit of the show’s title, “Carpe Diem,” asked to “seize the day” by spending the next 24 hours engaging with the community through live art-making. Read more after the jump.

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There is something alluring about deviants that fascinates even those who stay on the straight-and-narrow as far as adhering to social norms is concerned. Modern Eden in San Francisco recently called on artists from around the world to revel in the dark side and create portraits of infamous historical figures for the group show “Notorious,” which we previewed here.

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Since Man Ray’s discovery of it in the ’30s, “light painting” has been an interesting side note in the history of photography. The ability to, in essence, combine the skills of a painter with that of a photographer, have led to some interesting historical collaborations, Picasso’s centaurs Gjon Mili in the ’50s immediately spring to mind for instance. Bay Area photographer Kelly Nicolaisen currently has a cool show up at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, where she explores the light painting field with a variety of new contemporary artists. Hi-Fructose fave Mars-1 has participated alongside a variety of some new favorites of ours such as Charmaine Olivia, Kelly Allen and more. Get a look at several of the collaborative works after the jump.