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Currently showing at Toronto’s Copper Cole Gallery is a two person exhibition ‘Destroyer’ featuring new works from artists Andrew Schoultz and Richard Colman . This pairing illuminates the similarities between the two artists’ graphic line works and bold colors, as well as their preoccupations with social elements and woodland landscapes. Featuring dark horses, grim reapers and a psychedelic color palette the exhibition explores a convergence of death, sexuality and the beauty of nature heralded under the dark exhibition title. View more of the new works after the jump, here on Hi-Fructose

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Andrew Schoultz has an amazing looking installation now on view at Project Space, the joint gallery venture between Incase and Arkitip. The show, “Melt Down” features a variety of original works on various media as well as life size and neon pink blood splattered wooden tank bursting through a wall of golden bricks. Highly recommended.

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A self-described art junkie, Andrew Hosner co-founded Thinkspace Gallery with his wife Shawn and their partner L. Croskey as a natural progression of his passion for the New Contemporary Art Scene in Los Angeles. Since its inception in 2005, Thinkspace has been one of the first galleries to give many of the artists who have graced the pages of Hi-Fructose — like Audrey Kawasaki, Stella Im Hultberg, Natalia Fabia, Kukula, Andrew Hem and more — major exhibitions that helped launch their careers. Andrew Hosner sat down with Hi-Fructose to discuss the origins of Thinkspace, his role as the gallery’s curator and his prodigious, private art collection. Read our conversation after the jump.

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Tara McPherson

The 42nd volume of Hi-Fructose will be here in January, 2017!

Featured in this issue is: A cover feature on the paintings of Tara McPherson, the Beyond Grotesque paintings of Christian Rex Van Minnen, the latest work from muralist and painter Andrew Schoultz, an exclusive interview with Alex Pardee, the pop mash-up wooden sculptures of Mike Leavitt, the animal/human hybrid paintings of Matthew Grabelsky, Brazilian sculptor Monica Piloni, painter and illustrator Moon Chanpil, the mysterious sculptures of Philip Jackson, and a review of French illustrator Jean Julien‘s latest monograph, plus a 16-page Ello X Hi-Fructose Emerging Artists Showcase!

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Inside a run-down building off Berlin’s Nollendorfplatz, an area known historically for both its gay culture and punk community, 12 artists from eight countries (Fernando Chamarelli, João Ruas, Alexis Diaz (La Pandilla), NoseGo, Word to Mother, Curiot, Low Bros, Andrew Schoultz, Glenn Barr, C215, Dabs Myla, and JBAK) worked for two days to create original artworks for the facades and windows of the currently unused site (exciting news about the future of this space to come).

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The annual street art festival Pow Wow Hawaii kicked off this past Monday in Honolulu. Dozens of well-known street artists from all over the world are currently gathered in the Kaka’ako neighborhood for a week of mural painting — from renowned figures like Ron English, Andrew Schoultz and Augustine Kofie to noteworthy emerging artists like Seth Globepainter, Inti, Know Hope and more. Most of the murals are currently in their early phases, but Buff Monster and Nychos evidently are very speedy with the spray paint. The duo, who have collaborated previously, have been working with a harmony that’s fascinating to observe, and somewhat surprising, considering their disparate styles. Read more after the jump.