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Yasuto Sasada IKEA presents ART EVENT 2017, a limited edition collection of twelve posters each featuring the artwork of twelve diverse artists from around the world. For this third installment of ART EVENT, IKEA put all attention to hand drawings from both emerging as well as established artists such as such as Jean Jullien, Amandine Uruty, Steven Harrington and Yasuto Sasada. The posters are available in limited quantity for only a few more weeks or while supply last. Here today, gone tomorrow. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab great art. IKEA: ART EVENT 2017
The Greater Denton Arts Council is expanding its call for entries for the 30th annual Materials: Hard + Soft Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition to now include international artists, thanks to a partnership with the NEA. Recognized as one of the premier craft exhibitions in the country, Materials celebrates the evolving field of contemporary craft and the innovation of artists who push the boundaries of their chosen media. The 2017 juror will be JoAnn Edwards, Executive Director of the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco, California. Submit your work online by September 30. Learn more at
beinArt Gallery presents Small Works 2016. This group exhibition features over 55 of the most highly skilled and imaginative artists in the new contemporary art movement. With all works under 10” x 10” (25.4 x 25.4cm) this greatly anticipated exhibition will offer collectors a rare opportunity to acquire affordable art from a host of internationally celebrated artists. Opens Saturday, September 17, 6pm – 9pm. Runs until October 9. See complete online preview.
"More good shit, less shit shit." That’s the motto of Scandinavian designer wallpaper collective, Launched in 2015, FEATHR is lifting wallpaper out of the decoration ghetto and turning it into art. So, they don’t work the way that other wallpaper companies work. And they don't work with the types of artists that other wallpaper companies work with.
"Pandora's Box" features the art of Jean Pierre Arboleda, Anne Bachelier, Bill Carman, Colin and Sas Christian, Dorian Vallejo, Jennybird Alcantara, Jessica Joslin, Kirk Reinert, Lin Esser, Marie Larkin, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ray Caesar, Rebecca Dautremer, Stan Manoukian, William Basso, Kathie Olivas, and Yoko d’Hobachie. The artists of "Pandora’s Box" manifest their own characters within their own unique universe.
The beinArt Surreal Art Collective's Kickstarter stretch-goal is almost 70% funded with only 48 hours to go! If the target is reached, the collective will open a new gallery space focusing on strange and imaginative figurative art. Exciting rewards for backers have been added throughout the campaign, such as drastically discounted original art, limited edition prints, signed art books, and more! These deals will only be available for the next 48 hours!
From the time of antiquity, humans have sought to understand the mysteries of the world around them. When reason and science cannot provide a satisfactory explanation, imagination steps in and mythology takes root. "Neo Mythology", a group exhibit currently showing at bG Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, is showcasing artists who bring the cultural and personal iconography of myth to life in a contemporary context.
The beinArt Surreal Art Collective has announced a compelling stretch goal after an extraordinary beginning to their Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. With additional contributions, they hope to open a beinArt Collective Gallery and Shop. A real-life creative hub which would focus solely on strange, surreal and imaginative figurative art. The artists of the Collective have rallied together and contributed an extraordinarily long list of rewards for backers, including original artworks, limited-edition prints and books! These generous, heavily discounted deals will only be available for the duration of the campaign, which will finish in 8 days!
Malaga, Spain recently played host to independent Art & Culture Festival MOMENTS 2015, which wrapped on October 24th. The event brought a taste of pop culture and art from all over the world to local university students at Escuela de Arte San Telmo in Malaga. We shared footage from the event's first year here on our blog, and today bring you a recap of its second installment. This year highlighted the work of Los Angeles based artist Tim Biskup (first featured in HF Vol. 2), who shared his talents in a workshop and showcased new character-driven abstract paintings in a solo exhibition at the school.
Painter and illustrator Allois has said that she wants her paintings to reach her viewer's "deep inside"- a place that "will feel familiar, but it won't be." The title of her new series, "No Particular Night or Morning", hints at the surreal world that inspires her, the place where our dreams and nightmares live. Her moody seascapes are populated by "The Keepers", humanoid creatures covered with fur. Dressed like royalty, "The Keepers" pose for portraits. Disturbingly seductive, they gaze at the viewer with golden eyes. Allois' most cheerful paintings depict the least human figures; pale, amorphous blobs with slender limbs wear enlightened smiles. The artist's journey through the unconscious ultimately reveals themes of beauty, desire and the path to happiness.
Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn and Trekell Art Supplies are proud to present "Interiors", a group show consisting of the artists from Copycat Violence Art Collective. "Interiors" will feature works from Copycat Violence’s international artists that are all completed on 8x10” cradled Trekell panels and will hang unframed. The works range from paintings to drawings and sculptural works and will be available through the new year. Delving into the nadir of mind and soul, where darkness and light mingle, "Interiors" explores the inner workings of each artist's desires, fears, dreamscapes and nightmares. Breaching the walls of our inner demons, unresolved feelings, nuanced emotions and thoughts only shared with that little voice inside our heads, each artist renders their unique interpretations, flights of fancy and surreal visions.
Coming this October, MOMENTS 2015 will bring together artists from all over the world to Malaga, Spain, contributing their art and sharing their processes with festival goers. Now in its second year, those featured in the festival's expansive workshops, screenings, mini-concerts and art exhibitions encompass subcultures of fine art, photography, music, tattoo design, skateboarding, and more. These include two solo exhibition offerings by Los Angeles based artist Tim Biskup (first featured in HF Vol. 2), known for his explosive and surreal character-driven works, and Vancouver based artist Andrew Pommier, who initially entered the scene with his commercial skateboard graphics.
Attention all artists! In partnership with our friends at Squarespace, Hi-Fructose is highlighting five artists who are currently using Squarespace for their website or portfolio. This week's feature is San Francicsco based artist Tiffanie Turner, who crafts fictitious paper flowers that look remarkably real. Owing to their realism is Turner's lifelong obsession with botanicals, inspring her to recreate every kind from the common marigolds and poppies to Japanese anemone.
Attention all artists! In partnership with our friends at Squarespace, Hi-Fructose is highlighting five artists who are currently using Squarespace for their website or portfolio. This week's feature is blown-glass sculptor Etai Rahmil, who creates colorful and fanciful trumpets out of his studio in Berkley, California. Using traditional glass blowing techniques and specializing in multi-color, Rahmil's trumpets pay homage to his contemporary inspirations. 
Attention all artists! In partnership with our friends at Squarespace, Hi-Fructose will be highlighting five artists who are currently using Squarespace for their website or portfolio, to be featured on This week we are featuring Newcastle, England based artist Vanessa Foley, who expresses an affinity for wildlife in her realistic portraits of animals. She grew up in the Northumberland countryside surrounded by nature which left a lasting impression on her. In her artist statement, she writes, "My love of nature and art are inseparable, and I could never imagine one without the other."
Attention all artists! In partnership with our friends at Squarespace, Hi-Fructose will be highlighting five artists who are currently using Squarespace for their website or portfolio, to be featured on This week we are featuring Ontario based artist Kit King, who in collaboration with her husband, creates large scale hyperrealistic oil paintings that portray her subjects in fragments. Her compositions feature tight crops of their faces, eyes, hands, and tattoos with plays on light and shadow to establish mood.  King labels herself as a recluse, and getting up close and personal with her subjects enables her to form personal connections to them.
Denver’s Black Book Gallery presents exhibits two artists this month; Martin Whatson and Hama Woods. “About Face” is Oslo artist Martin Whatson’s first solo show in the United Sates. The series features work created to push the viewer to accept change. He gives context to the chaotic nature of graffiti while using it as an element on social commentary, humor and destruction. Studio mates with Whatson, Hama Woods Hama Woods’ The Grey Area” will be her first solo exhibit outside of Norway.
To celebrate the UK launch of the all-new Mazda MX-5, Talenthouse has partnered with Mazda to invite artists from the UK to design a "show stopping" car wrap that evokes their strong "defy convention" heritage and their innovative design language, KODO, which represents the soul of motion. One selected artist will receive £3,000, have their car wrap displayed at the world-renowned Goodwood Festival of Speed and receive exposure for their work across Mazda's social channels. Check out more information on how to submit your design here. Submit your design by May 20th 2015. Talenthouse is a global community of creatives from all artistic fields. Partnering with brands like Mazda and Airbnb along with icons like Deadmau5 and Lil Wayne, Talenthouse hosts briefs that give artists life-changing opportunities everyday.
Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA) presents Masterworks: Defining A New Narrative opening October 23. Masterworks consists of 14 large-scale paintings by accomplished artists who have been charged with providing a singular work that could be considered pivotal in their careers. Coinciding with the exhibition opening, the museum will present its premiere event LBMA After Dark featuring live entertainment from 7pm-10pm. For more information please visit
Martin Wittfooth. The Aviary, 2013. Long Beach Museum of Art presents "Masterworks: Defining A New Narrative" (October 23, 2014 - February 1, 2015) curated by Nathan Spoor and co-curator Jeff McMillan. This is a unique exhibition of 14 large-scale paintings featuring accomplished artists who, for the last decade, have been exploring new narrative directions in painting. Each of the artists have been charged with providing a singular work that could be considered pivotal in their careers. Artists will include Esao Andrews, James Jean, Martin Wittfooth and more.

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