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Author: Matt Holdaway

Joe Sorren’s boldly dreamywork has defined and defied conceptualist low-brow to create a style uniquelyhis own. This Arizonan-via-Chicago artist pickedup the brush in 1991 and since then hiswork has been featured in publications such as Rolling Stone, The New Yorker andThe Los Angeles Times, has won multiple awards and has appeared on two“Tweakers” album covers. He is currentlypreparing for his latest museum solo show, which includes the debut of a large numberof paintings, his collaborative sculpture series with Jud Bergeron(which we debuted on HF here) and the release of his third book. Joewas kind enough to take a brief moment to talk with HF correspondent Matt Holdaway about his works.

We'll be exhibiting at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco

and so will Andy Ristaino, painter/musician/comic creator and a long-time Hi-Fructose favorite. We think he's the William S. Burroughs/Charlie Kaufman of alt. comix. Matt Holdaway interviews Ristaino, whose work will make your eyes ache until you beg for more here.

Hi-Fructose has landed an online exclusive interview with painter and animation director/creator/musician Chris Reccardi. Matt Holdaway discusses Reccardi's upcoming solo shows at M Modern gallery ("Cosmodelic"), Limited Addiction and Seattle's Roq La Rue. They also chat about his story boarding work on Rob Zombie's upcoming "The Haunted World of El Super-Beasto" and his prior work on Ren and Stimpy as well as his three upcoming animation pilots. They converse about the pros and cons of art schooling, the ins and outs of the animation business, and retarded starfish. We also discover Chris' mod pop musical side and discover that he's scored several popular animations, including a few of his own. Check out Matt's in-depth interview with the artist and see a few behind the scene's of Reccardi's cat fighting world, all here!

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