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Scott Musgrove’s 7.5-foot-tall, 12-foot-wide triptych “The Sanctuary” is finally complete. The artist spent nearly three years on the piece—made from oil on panel, wood, bronze, and glass—while simultaneously working on shows and other projects. (Musgrove was last featured on here.) Below, the artist shares exclusive commentary on the creation of this piece with Hi-Fructose.

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Scott Musgrove’s art has always been connected to conservation or extinction. Featured here on our blog and in issues 2, 8 and 24, his paintings feature lush, highly detailed landscapes and up-close encounters with all manner of strange and beautiful creatures. When he paints animals, he brings them back to life and preserves them into their pristine, natural environment. His new work, a magnificent 40″ x 50″ oil portrait of the rhino “Nola” is more than just a preservation of her image, it’s also an homage to the memory of her species.

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Now in our store! This is a wonderful Scott Musgrove print set that includes two fine crafted pressure prints in a custom-made hinged display folio, created by the fine crafts people at Pressure Printing. We only have a dozen of these beauties available, exclusively sold here at Hi-Fructose.

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Nature and the creatures that inhabit its delicate world have always been a fascinating subject for Scott Musgrove (previously covered in HF Vol. 2, 8, 24 and online). With a big solo exhibition coming up at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York on May 16, we discovered that he has been quite busy, and not only with producing paintings and sculptures. He also recently became a father. As he put the finishing touches on his new work, Musgrove took a few moments to share his thoughts on parenthood, competitive bike racing, and, of course, the balancing act of family and making art. Read the exclusive interview below.

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HF Vol. 8 featured artist Scott Musgrove just made live his Online Summer Show, a collection of small watercolor and pencil works, exclusively for his online fans. As the artist’s next exhibition isn’t until his 2012 show in Rome, the Online Summer Show is a great place to pick up some affordable works in the interim directly from the artist himself. To get a look at what’s still available click here, or view some of our favorites after the jump.

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Scott Musgrove (Hi-Fructose Volumes 2 and 8) recently sent us a few exclusive pictures of his latest creation, the chromed patina to his bronze, “It’s Not a Fragrant World” which we last saw at Musgrove’s solo show at LeVine (here). Measuring 30″ x 21″ x 17″, the piece was cast at Metalphysic in Tuscon, AZ. There’s not much else we can tell you at this point, but get a quick behind the scenes look at Musgrove working on the piece, as well as the final product, here on Hi-Fructose.