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Muralist Eron crafts enormous works that bring both atypical textures and historical context to the structures. One recent piece by the artist (below) “is dedicated to the history of the village and to the destructive fire that was deliberately set in retaliation for italian partisan activities on 3 July, 1944,” the artist shared on Instagram. “The fire destroyed most of the houses.”

Ron English gives us the most amazing point of view of Homer Pollack creating a masterpiece... from Morgan Spurlock's Simpson's 20th Anniversary in 3D on Ice!

Ron English's oil paintings have long entertained, bewildered, and challenged viewers in each's absorbing strangeness. In a new show at Corey Helford Gallery, titled "TOYBOX: America in the Visuals," the artist offers his latest body of work. The pop art legend’s show starts Dec. 2 and runs through Dec. 30. The new collection deploys “the artist's long established visual vocabulary into multi-layered narratives of ambition and imagination.” English was last mentioned on here.
Ronch, a self-described “punk surrealistic painter,” blends urban and fantastical imagery for hyperdetailed acrylic paintings. The artist cites influences as varied as “Leonardo to The Clash, Brueghel, Dali, from Bosch to the Dead Kennedys.” The artist is currently based in London, and originally hails from Italy.
Situated in Richmond, VA, the street art festival Richmond Mural Project was founded with the goal of creating over 100 murals by the world's leading contemporary artists in its first five years. Such an eclectic array of permanent public artworks, according to the project's founders at Art Whino, would propel Richmond as an international street art destination. Now in its third year, this rendition of the event gave 10 contemporary artists two weeks to complete over 20 murals. Chazme 718, Meggs, Onur, Ron English, Sepe, Smitheone, Ekundayo, Proch, David Flores and Wes21 began painting on June 16 and are finishing their works as we speak. Today, we bring you some photos of the works in progress as well as some finished pieces from Ekundayo and Smithe, the latter of whom was working double time on two pieces. Take a look at the progress photos below and stay tuned for coverage of all the finished murals.
What happens when you give 40 street artists hundreds of cans of spray paint and let them loose in Taipei? As the Pow! Wow! team took over the Taiwanese capital, the cityscape was covered with murals by artists visiting from around the world alongside those based there.

Nate Frizell on Sketch Theater

Sketch Theatre Artist Nate Frizzell creates a sketch video for The Mountain Goats/Aesop Rock remix of "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" / 4AD Records. - Also check out new videos from time-lapse drawings from Cameron Davis, Gary Baseman, Nick Baxter and many more. here.

Hi-Fructose Collected Edition Hardcover book is available for purchase. This is a "best of" selection from the first four hard-to-find volumes of Hi-Fructose in one hardcover 250-page edition. View preview images here!

Dennis McNett, creating works under the moniker "Wolfbat," creates wild woodcarvings, sculptures, and installations A new show at Heron Arts in San Francisco, titled "Hallowolfbat," is an ornate, largescale adventure into McNett’s practice, with some of the creatures crafted for this show up to 10 feet tall. At the opening, the street was closed off and rock act High on Fire performed.

The London Police

When the first-ever END-to-END festival recently landed in Charlotte, N.C., it added nearly two-dozen murals to the 76-acre Camp North End, which began its existence as a Model T factory and is a now a burgeoning mixed-use site with industrial structures in-tact. Among the artists: The London Police (last featured on here), Fabian Williams, James Moore (last featured here), Hnin Nie (last featured here), and several others.
For its "15 Years of Thinkspace" show, Thinkspace Projects asked more than 70 artists to craft works on 15"x15" panels. Among the featured artists are several veterans of our print magazine, including Cintal Vidal (Vol. 51), Jeremy Geddes (Vol. 15), Mark Dean Veca (Vol. 23), Yosuke Ueno (Vol.10), Laura Berger (Vol. 44), and several others. (See the complete list of artists below.) The show kicks off on Jan. 11 and runs through Jan. 25.
We live in strange times and artists Michael Kerbow and Mike Davis both have something in common: they use surrealism and time travel to address modern and existential issues. Click above to read the Hi-Fructose exclusive interviews with painters Mike Davis and Michael Kerbow about their respective solo showings.

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