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In drawing the world around him, New York based artist Mike Lee conveys a simple and playful essence of his subjects, whether they be people, buildings, or objects. Featured here on our blog, the artist’s intriguing drawings of miniaturized scenes have often been compared to a child’s Playmobil or Lego playsets. In these new versions of his subjects, Lee further simplifies the human form, isolating them from their toy-like environments and focusing instead on finding expression through minimalism.

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New York based artist Mike Lee draws tiny, typical urban places that seem to float in negative space. We previously covered his graphite drawings here, mostly portraying an aerial view of a dollhouse-like world. Lee’s latest series, currently on view at Giant Robot’s GR gallery in Los Angeles, pushes the peculiarity of his artworks a little bit further. They still contain simplified spaces populated by chubby Lego-like urbanites, but have been spliced up to a more abstract effect.

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Mike Lee draws neat, compact worlds populated by rotund homunculi. Simplified like Lego characters, his small protagonists navigate their urban landscape, which appears so conspicuously tidy that it resembles a toy replica more so than an actual city. Lee’s drawings are small-scale; he utilizes negative space to make viewers zero in on specific scenes. We look into his minuscule world from an aerial view, like a child playing with a doll house or a deity looking down at the unsuspecting mortals on Earth. With his painstaking graphite work, Lee renders the humdrum of the day-to-day with novelty and humor.

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Artist Travis Louie, is no stranger to monsters. Having traversed the contemporary art scene as of late, with his menage of lovable, albeit horrific creatures always dressed to the 9’s, Travis a former illustrator himself, now flexes his curatorial muscles to show off the best of his contemporaries from an array of creative fields. The master of monsterism opens the conceptual door wide with the 54+ artist group show Monster? at Copro Gallery this weekend July 11th – Undoubtedly one of our favorite shows this year, you’ll be damned if you miss it. Also opening that night is Tin’s Beautiful Imperfections. More with previews…

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Ally Burke

Six years after he started what’s now become a trend of coaster shows in his role at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Matt Kennedy now offers his latest rendition at Gallery 30 South with “The Coaster Show 2018.” The annual event offers more than 1,000 pieces from hundreds of artists. Approaches include acrylics, watercolors, printmaking, pen, oils, sculpture, ink, and much more.

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Alec Huxley

San Francisco’s 111 Minna Gallery is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a massive group show in October. Numbering more than 40, the gallery says the artist roster represents “the culmination of its aesthetic.” The show kicks off Oct. 5 and runs through Oct. 20.