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The impossibilities that magic and fantasy can create are at the heart of Matt Dangler and Mark Garro‘s side by side solos at Copro Gallery in Los Angeles. Both artists are known for their depictions of creatures and figures of legend in scenes evoking a certain darkness. In recent exhibitions, covered here, Matt Dangler has looked to Old Master painting techniques by artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Johannes Vermeer, marked by their serene mood and luminous colors of painting. For his exhibition, “Sanctify”, Dangler takes a note from the religious themes found in Renaissance art in particular, where figures like Jesus and the Hindu God Ganesh appear in bizarre settings.

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As the tides turn and more people adopt tablets to consume their reading materials, guest curator Michael Mararian envisioned the current show at Last Rites Gallery in New York, “Bound Requiem,” as an examination of the current identity crisis of the printed page. The extensive line-up of artists in the show — including Naoto Hattori, Sas and Colin Christian, Lola, Luke Chueh, Elizabeth Winnel and many more — was invited to create works using books as a starting point. While some painted directly on book covers, others used pages for collage material. All in all, the show included as wide a range of technical approaches as it did attitudes. Some artists lamented the book’s demise while others looked hopefully into the future.

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Matt Dangler has taken a step back out of the shadows to give Hi-Fructose an exclusive look at his latest painting: “Kult des Alchemist Spiegels” (Cult of the Alchemist Mirror). Dangler has been hitting the history books, honing and refining new processes and procedures for his work. Check out what he has to say below:

“The last year I have mostly been focusing on the alchemy of my paintings… that is, messing with different mediums and paints to achieve the effects I was looking for. I certainly don’t want to delve into the exact mediums and specific process I’ve come up with, but generally, what I will share is that I’ve studied Art History quite extensively, visited museums, and looked deeply into (mostly) Old Master techniques to find what works best for my paintings. What I found was that Da Vinci, Michelangelo… Vermeer… among others, used layers upon layers of glazing mediums to achieve a depth of color and light that simply can not be accomplished through a single layered opaque painting.”

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Artist Chet Zar and collector-author Jeremy Wagner have co-curated “Conjoined Vs. Grotesque,” a group show celebrating “the Denizens of the Dark.” The show arrives Jan. 19 at Copro Gallery and runs through Feb. 16. Artists on the roster include Zar himself (who was last featured on here), Kazuhiro Tsuji, Jay Weinberg, Shane Pierce, Louie Becker, Matt Dangler, Gene Ambo, Claudio Bergamin, Max Verehin, Vincent Villafranca, Dan Harms, Mark Rudolph, Miroslav Petro, Zack Dunn, Dominic Holmes, Carin Hazmat, Magnus Gjoen, Ronald Gonzalez, Bob Tyrrell, Rob Smits, Kevin Estrada, Wes Benscoter, Ed Repka, Dan Seagrave, Andreas Marschall, Scott Musgrove, Ryan Matthew Cohn, and others.

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Since ancient times, music and visual art have been an important source of passing down stories through the generations, and musicians and artists have drawn upon each other for inspiration and stimulation. Music has inspired some of the most progressive art of our time from impressionist artists like Whistler and Monet, to the abstract painting of Kandinskv, and Pop artworks and experimental films by Andy Warhol. For their upcoming group exhibition “Music Box”, Haven Gallery in New York called upon a new generation of international artists to interpret their own musical inspirations: Matt Dangler, Dilka Bear, Thomas Dodd, Travis Lewis, Jana Brike, Mandy Tsung, Laura Shull, Kaspian Shore, Josie Morway, Jel Ena, Nicolaus Ferry, Mandy Cao, Chris Sheridan, Mahlimae, Michael Ramstead, Scott Grimando, Meredith Marsone, Joseph Weinreb, Sasha Ira, Nicolas Bruno, Brendon Flynn, Stephanie Law, SoMK, Poppy Lawman, Janet Cook, and Michael C. Hayes.

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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for Copro Gallery’s spooky group exhibition of “Roadside Attractions”. Previously covered here on our blog, the exhibit is an extravaganza of the macabre, guest curated by Cris Velasco, who is well known for his moody film and video game scores. This year’s installment coincides with joint solo exhibitions, Mark Garro’s “Corpus Callosum” and Matt Dangler’s “Sanctify”. Artists have served up their interpretation of all things Halloween-related, and by that we mean from the scary to the darkly romantic, and even a little funny.