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Blending two- and three-dimensional forms, Mark Whalen creates cerebral and absurd arrangements of the human body. Whether stacking vibrant heads or using sculpted hands to sculpt the very shapes of canvases, there’s a metatextual component in tackling the act of creating art itself.

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Australian-born, Los Angeles-based painter Mark Whalen is known for works that exhibit both a dark humor and vibrancy, mirroring the duality of Western living. His current show, “Around the Bend,” fills Australia’s Chalk Horse Gallery with examples of this charge, with disparate, vague figures rendered in struggle.

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Mark Whalen, covered here, is an Australian born artist living and working in Los Angeles known for his Greco-Roman inspired works. His pieces span resin-coated paintings to ceramic sculpture and pottery, which depict little geometric worlds inhabited by an unusual civilization. Whalen has described his images as “a bizarre version of life itself”. Over the years, he became continually interested in portraying how humans interact with the spaces around them. Spatial theory is one of the themes of his upcoming exhibition “Trapezoid” at KP Projects/MKG in Los Angeles, opening Setember 12th.

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Known for his glossy, resin-coated paintings of geometrically-designed worlds populated by tiny homunculi, Mark Whalen currently has a show up at Merry Karnowsky Gallery titled “Stranded.” While Whalen’s work typically looks like a documentation of a strange, pixelated civilization tinged with ’80s nostalgia (Rubik’s Cube and retro video games, anyone?), his new body of work takes this notion further with ceramic vessels that look like they emerged from Whalen’s painted worlds. An interesting extension of Whalen’s vision, the ceramic sculptures serve as artifacts of the strange society he depicts. Earlier we gave you a look at Whalen creating these pieces in his studio, and today we bring you an overview of the whole exhibition before it comes down on May 3.

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Australian artist Mark Whalen’s latest exhibition “Stranded,” opening April 5 at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in LA, explores different realms of our modern world through meticulously crafted paintings and sculptures that closely examine notions of invention, communication, physical space, emotion, sexuality, interaction and ritual.

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Today we have the privilege of looking inside of Australian-born fine artist Mark Whalen’s (better known for his pseudonym Kill Pixie) studio space located in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his elaborate puzzle and labyrinth compositions that seem to capture the bizarre nature of the human experience and compress it into tightly woven narratives that reflect the artists everyday experiences. His glossy resin-covered paintings are glimpses into meticulously crafted fantasy worlds filled with squirming characters, bold color schemes, and continuous geometric patterns. Whalen was featured here on Hi-Fructose last October for his solo show entitled Portals at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles. Read the full interview after the jump!