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Marion Peck moves into a new chapter of her practice as she unveils “StraVolti” at Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome on April 21. The show, collecting new works that explore psychological themes and modern art history, presents a series of distorted portraits rendered in oil. “StraVolti” runs through May 28.

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One of the leading ladies of Pop Surrealism, California based artist Marion Peck populates her dreamlike paintings with strange, cute creatures. As her magical landscapes unfold, an uneasy melancholy seems to fill the air. First featured on our blog and in print, Peck’s work mines the depths of art history, popular culture with references ranging from Pieter Bruegel to Holly Hobbie.

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Exhibiting concurrently with Jonathan Viner’s “Cold Snap” (previewed here), will be “Black Moon New York” by longtime friends, Jessicka Addams, Camille Rose Garcia, Elizabeth McGrath and Marion Peck. With the help of gallerist Alix Sloan of Sloan Fine Art, they began their collective for “Black Moon” in 2013, inspired by their special comradery. This year, they’ve created a more ambitious body of work inspired by autumn. Autumn and the idea of witchcraft is represented here in their signature stylistic choices. All share a dark and disturbing quality mixed with a dash of playfulness. Rather than depicting this famous seasonal character as evil, each makes a connection between witches and their kin.

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Marion Peck‘s new show “Animals” opened Saturday March 30 to a full house at gallerist Michael Kohn‘s new project space in Los Angeles. Fans, family and well-wishers sipped wine and conversed about which of the 11 new paintings were their favorite. Marion Peck is known for her off kilter, symbolism infused subject matter rendered in a classical style, and this show was no exception. The show runs through April 27 and you can take a look online here. Check out our exclusive opening night photos by Jo David and Marlow Harris after the jump!

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Well-known pop surrealist painter Marion Peck is opening a solo show at Michael Kohn Projects (7270 Beverly Blvd.) in Los Angeles titled “Animals” on March 30. More subtle than some of her previous work, the stylized woodland creatures in Peck’s recent paintings appear in the grips of enchantment with their twinkling eyes and anthropomorphic expressions. Each with its own distinct personality, the animals invite the viewer to piece together their individual stories. Take a look at our preview of “Animals” after the jump and make sure to see the show March 30 – April 27.

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Porterhouse Fine Art Editions has just released a new print by artist Marion Peck. “The Salmon Spirit” looks to not only meet Porterhouse’s uncompromising quality, but even better, all proceeds will benefit the Nature Conservancy who are fighting to keep local salmon levels stable (less than one percent of the native wild salmon population is left in existence in West Coast rivers.) Get a larger look at the print after the jump and check out Porterhouse here to purchase.