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Philadelphia based artist Jeremy Hush draws us into a secret world in his dark and dense fairytale-like images. He once said that mysteries lie in a hole in the ground or under a rock, and this is where we find his characters. Covered here on our blog, his earth toned works give us a glimpse of the hidden landscape in our own backyard, bustling with tiny imaginary creatures based on real animals and insects. For his upcoming exhibition at Last Rites Gallery in New York, “An Exchanging Glance”, he invites us to change our perspective, and see things through his characters’ eyes.

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Allison Sommers, Jeremy Hush and Susannah Kelly share an interest in creating poetic imagery out of macabre subject matter. The three artists are presenting new bodies of work for their collaborative show, “Irresistible Atrophies,” opening at Portland’s Antler Gallery on October 30.

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Coming up this Saturday, Jeremy Hush has a new show opening at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City with Lindsey Carr and Frank Gonzales titled “Curioso.” Harkening back to children’s book illustrations of the Victorian Era, Hush creates dark fairytale narratives through dense line work and earth-toned hues. In these sprawling compositions, the spirit of youth is juxtaposed with worlds where ghostly creatures inhabit eroded terrains. Looming amid these depictions of beings, biological and otherworldly, childlike and decaying, is a reminder of both the beginning and imminent end to every lifecycle. Check out an early preview of the show, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes photos after the jump.

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Recently, we were able to visit emerging artist Jeremy Hush‘s Philadelphia studio as he prepared for his upcoming show, “At A Loss For Words” opening at the end of this month at Thinkspace gallery. Working in ball-point pen and an autumnal color palette, the new works explore themes of decay and rebirth, as his strange beauties double as vessels as birds and other wildlife find homes between their rib and jaw bones. Tangles of overgrown natural elements converge with rusted skeleton keys and clockwork parts, an interesting marriage between nature and machinery that provides a nuanced back drop for his ghostly figures. Take a peek at a preview of the works as well as the artist’s studio after the jump.

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Opening next Saturday, March 3rd at Loved To Death’s Articulated Gallery is a solo exhibition by Philly based artist Jeremy Hush, ‘A Clamour of Rooks.’ The exhibition features new works created in Hush’s signature technique of ball- point pen and watercolor featuring pale beauties lost in a child’s tale. Dark birds, chess pieces and clockworks tangle around the bodies of the figures creating a sense of both childhood nostalgia and decay. View more preview images of the new works after the jump.

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‘Voices That Carry’ an upcoming two person exhibition opening at SF’sArticulated Gallery on September 3rd, features new works by East Coast artistsJeremy Hush and Liza Corbett. Each hauntingly nuanced work features poeticcompositions balanced on natural history and opulent growths ribboning through palehands or up from a baby pram. Each work is carefully rendered with delicatedetails and earthy color palettes, imbuing the exhibition with a subtle senseof nostalgia. While Jeremy works exclusively with the unexpected medium of ball-point pen and watercolor, Liza’s complex works reveal expert line work.  View more preview images here onHi-Fructose after the jump.