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The group exhibition “Major Work” at Chandran Gallery in San Francisco features a select group of fourteen artists who are making some of the biggest impacts in contemporary art. The participants are particularly well known for consistently reinventing their own approach to art-making: Alicia McCarthy, Aaron Noble (HF Vol. 5), Kelsey Brookes, Revok, James Marshall aka “Dalek” (HF Vol. 15), Sam Friedman, Eric Yahnker, Mark Dean Veca (HF Vol. 23), Saber, Hilary Pecis, Tim Biskup (HF Vol. 2), Eric White, Allison Schulnik, and Andrew Schoultz, who curated the exhibit.

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First featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 15, North Carolina based artist James Marshall aka Dalek was exposed to punk rock, skateboarding and painting graffiti early on. His earlier works feature abstract illustrations of characters, strongly influenced by his time as an assistant to Japanese Pop artist Takashi Murakami, and over the years, have progressed into more geometrical works. Dalek has always liked things that are “super flat” and graphic, and he approaches his art with a mathematical sensibility. His paintings today feature geometric shapes that seem to morph when viewed from different angle.

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James Marshall aka Dalek (featured in Hi-Fructose vol.15) is in Arizona this week working on an installation at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. His new murals are a part of a series intended to transform the entire space which is home to some of Dalek’s artistic influences. His works lead attendees through the museum’s lounge, retail space, and into the courtyard, featuring a collaboration between SMOCA and Scottsdale Public Art. These progress photos show how Dalek uses geometric colored bands to create a connection between the interior and exterior environments. Take a look after the jump.

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Tonight, Dalek (who was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol.15) will debut a new installation at Hurley’s H Space Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA. Using geometric shapes that seem to morph when viewed from different angles, the work’s use of a clean design and LED lights recalls the light sculptures of the 1970s. Titled STABILIMENTUM, the piece celebrates the 2012 US Open of Surf as well as products Hurley created based on Dalek’s design. Take a look at some preview images of the installation courtesy of Derek Bahn and Hurley.

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James Marshall, aka Dalek, (HF Vol. 15) has created a new mural for the progressive Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in North Carolina. The institution has been a beacon of new contemporary art for the South with their Barnstormers installations and continue their programming with this new commissioned work. Highly recommended!

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Sandra Chevrier

For its “15 Years of Thinkspace” show, Thinkspace Projects asked more than 70 artists to craft works on 15″x15″ panels. Among the featured artists are several veterans of our print magazine, including Cintal Vidal (Vol. 51), Jeremy Geddes (Vol. 15), Mark Dean Veca (Vol. 23), Yosuke Ueno (Vol.10), Laura Berger (Vol. 44), and several others. (See the complete list of artists below.) The show kicks off on Jan. 11 and runs through Jan. 25.