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Artist Chet Zar and collector-author Jeremy Wagner have co-curated “Conjoined Vs. Grotesque,” a group show celebrating “the Denizens of the Dark.” The show arrives Jan. 19 at Copro Gallery and runs through Feb. 16. Artists on the roster include Zar himself (who was last featured on here), Kazuhiro Tsuji, Jay Weinberg, Shane Pierce, Louie Becker, Matt Dangler, Gene Ambo, Claudio Bergamin, Max Verehin, Vincent Villafranca, Dan Harms, Mark Rudolph, Miroslav Petro, Zack Dunn, Dominic Holmes, Carin Hazmat, Magnus Gjoen, Ronald Gonzalez, Bob Tyrrell, Rob Smits, Kevin Estrada, Wes Benscoter, Ed Repka, Dan Seagrave, Andreas Marschall, Scott Musgrove, Ryan Matthew Cohn, and others.

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Surrealist and sculptor Chet Zar’s brain child, the “Conjoined” group exhibition, notorious for its mixture of whimsical and disturbing art works, has compelled crowds to Santa Monica’s Copro Gallery for years. Featured here on our blog, the show is a presentation of 2D and 3D pieces by internationally known and up and coming artists alike who delve into subjects that are the stuff of our dreams and nightmares. The idea first came about in 2010, when Zar, who comes from a background in move special effects where 3D maquettes are a big part of the process, was eager to see a show devoted to more sculptural forms. “Conjoined” celebrated it’s 6th anniversary last Saturday with the opening of “Conjoined 666”, named after the “number of the beast” in most manuscripts of chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, of the New Testament, and also in popular culture.

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Last weekend, Santa Monica’s Copro Gallery debuted their exhibition “Conjoined V,” guest curated by artist Chet Zar. True to Zar’s own dark, surreal aesthetic, the annual sculpture show features a variety of emerging and established artists with a penchant for all things creepy, curious, and bizarre. Kazu Tsuji’s gigantic, silicone bust of Salvador Dali, Jessica Joslin’s metal-adorned taxidermy animals, and surreal imaginings by Craig LaRotonda and Jim McKenzie are among the myriad of bold and pop culture-inspired works in the show. Take a look at some highlights from “Conjoined V” below and see it in person through February 14.

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Lover of dark surrealism, artist Chet Zar is curating an upcoming group show at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica titled “Conjoined III — The Final Chapter.” The last of a series of three exhibitions, “Conjoined III” features disturbing and haunting paintings, assemblages, bronze sculptures and much more from a huge, diverse line-up. Zar himself (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 11), Colin Christian, Scott Radke (Hi-Fructose Vol. 6), Alex Grey and Brian Smith will be among the numerous exhibiting artists; for the complete line-up, visit the exhibition’s page on Copro Gallery’s website. During the opening reception on January 19, Zar will also be signing his book, Black Magick. Take a look at our preview of the exhibition, images courtesy of Copro Gallery, after the jump.

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On Saturday, January 22nd, Copro Gallery in Santa Monica revealed “Conjoined in 3D”, a refreshing group exhibition by both 2D and 3D artists celebrating dimensional work that is everything from whimsical to dark and disturbing. For the show’s curator and fine artist/sculptor Chet Zar, “Conjoined in 3D” was a no-brainer idea when gallery director Gary Pressman invited him to curate. “I come from a background in movie special effects where 3D maquettes are a big part of the process. I really wanted to see a 3D show,” he shared. In just 4 short months, Chet and his fellow artists cranked out an exhibit that includes impressive new work by Colin Christian, Scott Hove, Kathie Olivias, Brandt Peters, Miso, and many others. Chet hopes for more 3D exhibits… and we do too. “Conjoined in 3D” exhibits at Copro Gallery from January 22, 2011 until February 12, 2011. Sweet Streets‘ own Hi Hi Caro checks in.

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Later this evening (Saturday, January 22nd) Copro Gallery in Santa Monica will be opening an exciting new show of sculptural works, ‘Conjoined in 3-D’. Curated by Hi-Fructose fave Chet Zar, the show features a pretty stellar line up of artists who specialize in three dimensional works, namely: Charles Krafft, Brandt Peters and Kathy Olivas, Scott Hove, Colin Christian, Paul Chatem, Jessica Joslin and more.

As an added bonus, Kris Kuksi will not only be debuting a new four foot piece, but will also be on hand at the opening to sign copies of his brand new book, ‘Diviniation and Delusion’ which was just released by beinART.

Get a preview look at some of our favorite pieces from the show, after the jump.