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Sucre Morve I, by Kevin Scalzo
THE BLAB! SHOW, The fourth Group Annual Art Exhibition featuring original paintings and illustrations from the forthcoming issue of BLAB! magazine. Featuring the work of SHAG, TRAVIS LOUIE, RYAN HESHKA, GARY BASEMAN, RON ENGLISH, LUKE CHEUH, GARY TAXALI, FRED STONEHOUSE, ANDY KEHOE, TRAVIS LAMPE, MARK BURCKHARDT, CJ PYLE, MARK TODD, TOM HUCK, and MANY MORE.Opening Saturday September 6th 8:00 pm-11:30 pm, at CoproNason Gallery in Santa Monica. Show runs throughl September 27.

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For nearly a decade, Copro Gallery has fused emerging talents with established names in the New contemporary art game in their annual “BLAB!” show. The show is the brainchild of Blab World creator and art director, Monte Beauchamp, representative of his eclectic taste in artists of varying aesthetics and a penchant for the unusual. Many of them have appeared in most, if not all, of the annual shows and developed together with the event. Last Saturday, “BLAB!” celebrated it’s ninth year as an exhibition with the announcement of the upcoming BLAB World 3 anthology.

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In its 9th year, the “BLAB!” group show comes to Copro Gallery in Santa Monica once again, featuring a selection of works by some well-known creators in the New Contemporary gallery scene. From Joe Sorren’s soft, storybook-like works to Ryan Heshka’s satirical, pulp-inspired scenes and Travis Lampe’s maniacal cartoon characters, the artists cover a broad range of styles that stem from the low brow and Pop Surrealist movements. Curated by art director, designer and editor Monte Beauchamp, the exhibition coincides with release of his third art anthology, BLAB World 3, which features the work of the aforementioned artists and many more. The exhibition opens on September 13 alongside Yoko d’Holbachie’s solo show “Genesis of Girls.” Take a look at our preview of both shows below.

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In celebration of the forthcoming art anthology BLAB World 3, Copro Gallery is hosting a group exhibition curated by the book’s editor, Monte Beauchamp. “BLABSHOW 2013 Group Art Exhibition,” which opens September 14 and runs through November 5, offers a delicious sampling of work from a diverse roster of artists with a penchant for humor and absurdism. From Peter Ferguson’s maritime fantasies to John Brophy’s hand-painted interpretations of digital effects to Yoko d’Holbachie’s candy-colored characters, the works in the show invite the imagination to come out and play. Read more after the jump.

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Later this evening, Saturday September 10th, Copro Gallery in Santa Monica will be playing host to the seventh annual BLAB! Show. The brainchild of artist and designer Monte Beauchamp, who we recently interviewed here, BLAB!’s influence on the new contemporary scene runs deep, whether in the form of the magazine, cross country art shows, or the upcoming BLABWORLD No 2 and 3. The show tonight features some of our favorites, including Jean Pierre Roy, Ana Bagayan, Joe Sorren and more, get an extensive preview of the works after the jump. Attendees tonight will be in for a special treat as well, Ryan Heshka has a mini solo in conjunction with the BLAB show, ‘Strange Powers.’ Both shows will be on view until October 1st.

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With a quick glance, you might say that the Devil was in the details at the Roq la Rue Gallery during the opening of the Blab! Group Show on Friday, August 12th. Curated by Blab World’s Monte Beauchamp, the theme for the Blab! Group Invitational was Krampus. For the unfamiliar, Krampus is the demon counterpart to Kris Kringle for children in Northern Europe. While good children get gifts and candy from Kringle, bad children get punished with rusty chains and birch branches by Krampus. He makes getting coal in your stocking not such a bad proposition.

With over twenty artists displaying work at Roq la Rue, there was a rich mix of interpretation of the horned demon. Brian Despain made sure to keep it dark and moody with ‘The Nature of the Beast’, while Yoko d’Holbachie’s ‘Naughty Heart’ went subversively evil with her usual mix of bright colors and stuffed animal fervor. According to Shag, Krampus enjoys playing Scrabble in ‘Brettspiel’, and the Krampus in Fred Stonehouse’s ‘Off Season’ apparently likes to pick apples when it’s not Christmas time. Chris Buzelli’s ‘And The Children Shall Inherit The Earth’, and Alex Kuno’s ‘Alle Kinder Sind Böse’ both depicted children that must have been extremely naughty, because Krampus has spared them no mercy. While the overall themes are dark and hellish, one can’t help but smile after leaving this show. – Robbie Lowery