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Baby Tattoo is an independent publishing company that was created in 2003 to share the unusual works of then-up and upcoming artists and counter culture. Featured here, the publisher also hosts a number of events for art lovers, such as their popular Baby Tattooville annual retreat. Co-curated by its president Bob Self, Baby Tattoo recently celebrated over 10 years with its exhibition “Baby Tattoo: Carnival of Astounding Art”. Currently on view at the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA), the exhibit highlights the pioneers of Lowbrow, Pop Surrealism, Pinup and other such works that have graced its pages (and ours).

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In conjunction with the VIP art retreat Baby Tattooville at the historical Mission Inn last weekend, the Riverside Art Museum recently premiered the exhibit “Baby Tattooville Inside Out: A Private Affair Made Public.” For the annual Baby Tattooville, a small group of popular contemporary artists spend a weekend with a handful of collectors discussing art, creating original works and participating in special panels and events. This year’s participating artists included Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Brandi Milne, RISK, Nathan Ota, Nouar, Rob Reger, Ragnar, Coop and Mark Frauenfelder. For art lovers who couldn’t attend the exclusive event, the Riverside Art Museum’s related group show runs until December 14. See more images of the artwork after the jump.

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This past weekend Baby Tattoo Books hosted their most unique weekend retreat into Riverside’s Mission Inn Hotel. Baby Tattooville is a personal getaway like no other. This year’s schedule included a special Dr. Sketchy’s session in the catacombs of the hotel (with scantily clad pirateers and ship), a premiere of a special art exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum, a Roast of the legendary Robert Williams, collaborative paintings from this year’s featured artists and returning veterans, a boutique pop-up shop featuring an array of original art and hard to get items and collectibles, presentations and workshops, and for those who like to stay up into the wee hours; a bachanallian den of sin hosted by Michael Hussar, all amidst the maze-like interiors of the most beautiful Mission Inn.

Featured artists this year were: Van Arno (HF Vol.14), Anthony Ausgang, Coop, Ron English (HF Vol.17), Michael Hussar Johnny Ryan, Spain, William Stout, Robert Williams, Suzanne Williams, and an onslaught of artists, collectors, and characters.

Check out photos from Jill Johnson and others from the event here on Hi-Fructose!

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Well, we’re back from this year’s outing from what looks to be turning in to a fun and unique annual event. I’m talking about Baby Tattooville; held at the historic, lovely and slightly creepy Riverside Mission Inn hotel.

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Baby Tattooville 2008 is just around the corner folks, and as of today, there are only 8 spaces left available. Baby Tattooville is a weekend-long retreat at the historic Mission Inn hotel and limited to 50 attendees who will come away with some incredible orignal art and much.

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Based in Barcelona, artist Ramon Maiden embellishes pin up girls and religious figures with some serious ink. Using ball point pen, the self-designated “Dandy Delinquent” adds a mix of tribal patterns and old-school Americana to his subjects otherwise revered for their innocence.