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Examining masculinity and power, Scott Scheidly’s paintings re-contextualize real and fictional villains. Elsewhere in Scheidly’s practice, he injects the grotesque into floral motifs, further underscoring the painter’s knack for satire and subverting expectations. The artist’s humor is also evident in his short bio: “At age four I attempted my first art project by devouring a 10 pack of crayons thus turning my diaper into a Jackson Pollock.”

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This Thursday, August 1, San Francisco’s Spoke Art will debut painter Scott Scheidly’s “The Pinks.” While humorous at a first glance, Scheidly’s work unearths interesting social dynamics through its exploration of the cultural implications of colors. The artist paints realistic portraits of male world leaders and public figures, softening their hyper-masculine auras with a color palette of lilacs, pinks and magentas. Scheidly’s work draws attention to the biases coded in the imagery that surrounds us and the gendered implications of the visual signifiers of power. Take a look at our sneak peek of the works in “The Pinks” after the jump and see the exhibition August 1 through 24.

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Juxtaposing flora and fauna with macabre elements such as skulls and menacing mouths, artist Scott Scheidly creates wondrously dark portraits. The merging of human and plants components adds a speculative element to the paintings, adding a narrative effect that harkens old horror tales and subtly hints at popular culture. View more of the works after the jump.

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Later this evening, Thursday, November 10th, Bold Hype Gallery in New York City will be debuting two new bodies of work by Floridian artists Scott Scheidly and Andrew Spear. In regards to medium or stylistic similarities the two artists vary greatly, however their focus on pop, for Scheidly the surreal and Spear the culture, compliment nicely. Spear’s works, created using colored pencils and markers focus on beautiful women and his passion for music, a stark contrast to Scheidly’s brooding and photorealistic acrylics. Similarly, the two artists’ use of negative space couldn’t be more similar yet different, literally black and white or night and day. The two person show will be on view until December 3rd, check out a preview of both artists’ works after the jump.

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This month coincides with the rising of Sirius, Orion’s dog star, from which the dog days of summer take their namesake and Copro Gallery’s upcoming group show. Inspired by the summer star, the participating artists of “Summer Soirée” draw upon seasonal and fantastical themes for the exhibition. In particular, the exhibit features a new series of acrylic paintings by Florida based artist Scott Scheidly, previously covered here on the blog. His portraits play on the mythological associations of Sirius with oncoming heat, fevers and evil, as in Homer’s Iliad.

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beinArt Gallery presents Small Works 2016. This group exhibition features over 55 of the most highly skilled and imaginative artists in the new contemporary art movement. With all works under 10” x 10” (25.4 x 25.4cm) this greatly anticipated exhibition will offer collectors a rare opportunity to acquire affordable art from a host of internationally celebrated artists. Opens Saturday, September 17, 6pm – 9pm. Runs until October 9. See complete online preview.