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Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto’s incredible installations made out of salt are entrancing to look at with their repetitive and meticulous patterns. Yamaoto has expressed that, in viewing his zen-like designs, he hopes others may find some point in their meditation for a healing or resolution of thought. His pure white crystalline works have been installed all over the world, most recently at the French castle of Aigues-Mortes.

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Using a simple household material, salt, as his primary medium, Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates fantastical blizzards and seascapes that touch upon conceptual frontiers. Since Hi-Fructose correspondent Nathan Spoor interviewed Yamamoto in 2009, the artist has had several solo shows that yielded delicate, pristine works that are entrancing to look at with their repetitive and meticulous details. Many of Yamamoto’s works have a labyrinthine structure that the artist describes as “nearly reachable, yet not quite,” alluding to the idea of trying to recall past experiences and coming to terms with the fleeting nature of memory. Take a look at some of Yamamoto’s latest works from his shows at the Bellevue Arts Museum, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and the Hakone Open-Air Museum.

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Nathan Spoor interviews Motoi Yamamoto, an artist who creates time consuming yet completely temporary sculptures and installations out of the most unlikely of mediums, salt. Read Spoor’s complete interview here!