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Tonight, KM Fine Arts in Chicago will open a solo show from sculptor Carole Feuerman. Known for her painted resin and bronze sculptures of swimmers, Feuerman uses her penchant for replicating the human body to create works of art that range from hyper-realist to surreal. Isolating specific body parts for individual works, Feuerman turns behinds perched on bicycle seats or hands holding a balloon into objects for contemplation. Take a look at our preview of the show after the jump and check out the exhibition at KM Fine Arts March 28 – June 28.

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Carole A. Feuerman’s hyperrealistic sculptures of graceful human subjects like swimmers, divers, and dancers, featured here, are undeniably lifelike. But they are also magical in their dreamy state. Her sculptures also capture something that isn’t real in the tangible sense, and that is the soul and emotion of a living person. Some call it “super-realism”, but in Feuerman’s words: “My sculptures combine both reality and illusion- I’m idealizing the human form, its not life as it really is.”

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This past weekend, Hi-Fructose took a trip down to Los Angeles to check out the 2012 art fairs (see our coverage of the Affordable Art Fair here.) The city’s largest fair, the LA Art Show, opened with a bang on Wednesday night, packed with celebrities (as to be expected in Los Angeles) for a star studded night of fine and contemporary art. Of course, we were in attendance to check out the art, of which there was plenty. Though the fair lacked any real street art presence (odd considering the successes of the recent MOCA show), there were still some gems scattered throughout the fair which presented a refreshing blend of fine, contemporary, classic, Chinese and print works. Get a look at some of the pieces that caught our eye after the jump.

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Ron Mueck

The exhibition “Reshaped Reality: 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Sculpture” has currently taken over at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan, with the likes of Patricia Piccinini, Ron Mueck, and several others. The survey of hyperrealistic figurative work features both larger-than-life and distorted takes on the human form. The exhibition runs through Sept. 22 at the space.

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Among the largest fairs during Miami Art Week has always been the extensive Art Miami, which was conjoined with its sister fair CONTEXT Art Miami in Wynwood, and Aqua Art Miami on the other side of the causeway. We first attended Aqua Art Miami, so named for its host, the Aqua Hotel. Since 2005, the fair has filled room after room, and even the hotel’s hallways, with works by emerging galleries and mid-career artists. Tampa based gallery CASS Contemporary was among the stand outs this year, with their selection of new works by artists like Oakland based painter and street artist Allison Torneros, better known as Hueman, whimsical drawings with fantastical characters by French artist Amandine Urruty, and ink and gouache paintings by Berlin based Andrea Wan. Take a look at more of our highlights after the jump!