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Cannon Dill has been living in Oakland for over 14 years, and credits much of his time spent in the city to the development of his artistic style. He once said that the confinement of a daily routine left him daydreaming about nature. Featured on our blog, his illustration work and murals are painted in response to this push and pull between our uniquely human lifestyle and that of animals. With his upcoming exhibition “In My Own Time” at Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco, Dill takes a moment to further explore his immediate surroundings.

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Cannon Dill (previously featured here) recently completed his largest mural to date in Oakland, California. The mural is a part of the Artist Initiative Project that features murals by local artists, curated by bay area gallery Athen B. Gallery and VSCO. Dill’s is located on the side of an office that provides services to people renting and buying homes, which inspired him to create a sense of community.

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Cannon Dill resides in the basement of an unassuming west Oakland house. His neighbors are old buildings and a long vacant, train station. Perfect bedfellows for his work. Hi-Fructose visited with the young artist as he prepares for his first solo show in April. Perhaps Dill is a new name to readers of the magazine, but residents of the Bay Area will instantly recognize his animal compatriots from his murals and street art, particularly his wolves. Take a look at some exclusive images from our studio visit after the jump!

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Opening February 28 at Maxwell Colette Gallery in Chicago, “The Ballasted Frequencies” is a diverse group show featuring paintings with a psychedelic bend. Artists like Dima Drjuchin (whom we featured in HF Vol. 32), Stacey Rozich (HF Vol. 27), Max Kauffman, Cannon Dill, and many others will be showing new paintings inspired by illustration, folk art, and other traditionally lowbrow genres. According to curator Ian “Hydeon” Ferguson, “Ballasted frequencies are heavy cerebral waves of narrative perceptions riding on analogous thought frequencies. These wavelengths are comprised of deeper visual energy conceived in the hull of the mind’s eye.” The idea echoes the trippy narratives that are in some of the works. Take a look at our preview below.

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A new kind of fair opened the weekend of September 26 at the historic Pier 70 in San Francisco. Art Beats, a three-day cultural event, ventured to join art and music with a fresh, DIY spin. Co-founders Kelsey Marie of Fountain Art Fair and Jeff Whitmore of San Francisco nightclub Public Works organized the weekend-long event with Lauren Napolitano, the former director of White Walls and Shooting Gallery. The fair’s goal was to create an affordable cultural event, one that was both multifaceted in its selection of galleries as well as accessible to the not-so-average fair-goer.