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At the center of artist Kikyz 1313’s paintings are young children, their pale skin enveloped in tangled cocoons of feathers, bone, cloth and other natural elements. The startlingly detailed works reveal macabre elements as their bodies and faces are bisected to reveal their organs. These melancholy explorations of mortality and the cyclical nature of life are paired with a stunning mastery of technique and color balance. View more images after the jump.

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Kikyz1313 blends graphite, watercolors, and pastels to create absorbing, yet unsettling pieces like “Effigy of Coiled Tragedies.” The points of entry to pieces by the Mexico-born artist may be gorgeous rendering and colors, yet it’s when the eye settles that it finds bleaker components. The artist was last featured on here.

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Mexican born artist Laura Lucía Ferrer Zamudio, better known as “Kikyz 1313”, takes grotesque and uncomfortable subjects and turns them into something exquisite. First featured on our blog here, Kikyz 1313’s macabre drawings often depict children in a state of decay and rot, where their bodies and faces are dissected to a disturbingly beautiful extreme. “Why do we ignore the very intimate contents of our own bodies?” It is a question that the artist consistently contemplates as she creates her art.

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Using a combination of watercolors and graphite, Mexican painter Kikyz1313 renders images that are both gory and gorgeous, painting flowers, children and small animals. But she takes the beauty out of her subjects, instead painting them in various forms of disease and decay. Her works bring visions of human-animal hybrids with ragged flesh and dead, glassy eyes and kids reclined among a beds of crumbling stone and bloody tissue. The end result leaves the viewer somewhere between awed and repulsed. Hi-Fructose spoke with the artist about the intentionally provocative and grotesque imagery in her work.

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Curated by Jon Beinart of beinArt Collective and Publishing, “beinArt Collective 2013” is a group show that revels in the macabre. The participating artists, including Chet Zar, Christian Rex van Minnen, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Kikyz 1313, Kris Lewis, Erik Thor Sandberg and Caitlin Hackett, all have a dark edge to their work that is manifested in different ways. Christian Rex van Minnen’s work is visceral and grotesque, playing on his viewers’ gag reflexes, while Chet Zar’s subject matter is outright diabolical and Erik Thor Sandberg’s mythological narratives have a brutal quality. “BeinArt Collective” opens at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica on November 9. Take a look at a sneak peek of the show after the jump.

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Australian artist, publisher, and curator Jon Beinart is the founder of the beinArt Surreal Art Collective, a group of international artists notable for their surreal and imaginative styles. 2014 marked the reinvention of this collective which at one point featured over 500 artists- many of them will come together in a special iteration of the “beinArt Surreal Art Show” at Copro Gallery in Los Angeles this February.