The Branded Smokes of Artfucker

by Andy SmithPosted on

Artfucker’s recent body of work, displayed in the exhibition “Smoke Show,” meditates on just how accustomed viewers are to the omnipresence of marketing efforts. The New York artist’s practice is a blend of mixed-media and photography, with their identity still unknown to the public despite widely seen work.

“These works offer viewers a conceptual look into expanding the blurred marriage between advertising and pop culture,” a statement reads. “Artfucker explains, ‘These packs do not have a shock value because we have been desensitized by how intense marketing has become towards consumers.’ Using a combination of pop culture references, recognizable brands and religion; Artfucker says that ‘the intent of these concepts is to be so on brand, they could easily mistaken for vintage mass-produced commercial cigarettes.’”

Find more from the show on Artfucker’s site and below.

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