Marcos Sánchez Animates The Breeders Video

by Andy SmithPosted on

Chilean artist Marcos Sánchez is the director behind The Breeders’ music video for “Walking With A Killer.” Found footage is given new context and intrigue as animated by Sánchez, which follows the horror-themed aspect of the song’s lyrics. The artist’s short films and music videos have previously appeared in festivals across the globe.

The artist describes the video as “a short horror film suggested by the music and lyrics of the song, which tell a murder story from the perspective of the victim. The video plays with this story in an oblique way though, through the addition of animation to a bunch of archival footage taken from around 30 different movies and educational videos. The intervened footage reveals the uneasiness that underlies the idyllic scenes, turning daily life into a horror story.”

Find more of Sánchez’s work on his website and below.

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