Lynyrd Paras Debuts at Jonathan LeVine Projects

by Andy SmithPosted on

In his debut show at Jonathan LeVine Projects, Lynyrd Paras offers a set of oil paintings that explore the primal and emotional feelings stemming from total bombardment. “Attack of the Wounded Surface” is on view online through Dec. 31. Paras, a Philippines-based artist, has previously seen his work featured in shows throughout Asia.

“Through layers of painted imagery of obscured faces and scribbled text, Paras reveals the frenetic, chaotic emotions of being completely bombarded,” the gallery says. “This exhibition illuminates the all consuming tension between one’s inner and outer realms of existence that become thrown off balance when on the defense. Drawing parallels between the impulses of animals and the restraints of human beings, the work poses questions related to our reactions from feeling attacked.”

See more on the venue’s site.

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