Louie Cordero’s Riveting Acrylic Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Louie Cordero’s surreal and riveting paintings, the artist’s command of texture and mood sets his work apart. Cordero, hailing from the Philippines, is currently featured in a group show at Gallery Poulsen titled “Inoperative Halo,” along with painter Eric White and sculptor Jud Bergeron. (The show runs through Dec. 21 at the Copenhagen venue.)

The gallery says that in Cordero’s paintings, “surrealism is taken to yet another level. Cordero’s engrossing narratives and sometimes even absurd motifs recall those of comics and cartoons.” His past shows include a solo effort at Jonathan Levine Gallery. You can see more of his past work, including that show, below.

Find more on Gallery Poulsen’s site.

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