The Otherworldly Landscapes of Dylan Gebbia-Richards

by Andy SmithPosted on

Combining melted paraffin wax and pigments, Dylan Gebbia-Richards crafts luminous and otherworldly landscapes. In a recent show at Unit London, he offered new works and installations that represented his latest experimentations, the artist noting that he created specific tools to craft these pieces. In the end, however, there’s an aspect of his practice that will always be unpredictable.

“Kinesthesia is ones sense of their body in space,” the artist said of his recent body of work. “It is because of kinesthesia that we can walk in a room which is completely dark. Kinesthesia is the sum of the useful sensory information about our body in motion. My art is visual but the mental information I use to create this work comes from a kinesthetic sense, or feeling, about the work, rather than a visual or analysis of it.”

Find more on Richards’ site.

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