Kitt Bennett Crafts Record-Breaking ‘Gif-iti’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Kitt Bennett’s “aerial mural work” was recently combined with satellite technology to craft the world’s most massive independently created piece of “gif-iti” (or GIF-style graffiti) on 96,875-square-feet of waterfront space in Australia. The work, crafted by Bennett alongside collective Juddy Roller, features 10 figures that craft a “moving” scene when viewed as such below. Bennett was last featured on our site here.

“Inhabiting a colossal 9000 sqm of disused waterfront ground space at Port Melbourne’s Fisherman’s Wharf precinct, the project took Bennett 30 days to complete; using 700 litres of paint to compose the work which comprises a series of 10 individual 30-metre-long figures … ,” Common State says. “The size and form of this mural is unprecedented – four times the size of the previous holder of the title, (which clocks in at 27 storeys high) this mural has taken over the equivalent of 90 floors-worth of ground space.”

Read more about Bennett and Juddy Roller here and here.

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