Paintings of Perez Bros Explores Car Culture

by Andy SmithPosted on

The twin brothers who work under the moniker “Perez Bros” were first exposed to the car culture of Los Angeles in their youth, and to this day, it informs their collaborative painting practice. Their current show at Thinkspace Projects, titled “Cruise Night(Office),” collects some of their recent auto-filled scenes. It runs through the end of the month at the space.

“Their father has been a part of a lowrider car club for as long as they can remember,” their site says. “They are fascinated with the culture, from the cars to the models, from the people to the music. Through their paintings, they try and capture certain moments that they see when they attend car shows. Larger paintings seem to capture the mood and feeling of these car events, while smaller paintings tend to capture more intimate events. Through their paintings, they hope to make the viewer feel as if they were attending a car show.”

See more of the brothers’ work on their site and Thinkspace’s page.

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