Kensuke Koike’s Surreal Alterations of Vintage Imagery

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Kensuke Koike’s ongoing “Single Image Processing” series, the artist alters vintage photographs and postcards with both humorous and surreal results. With just a pair of scissors, the artist is able to remix and recontextualize imagery that is otherwise ordinary or nostalgia-fueled.

“He has one rule for making this work: nothing can be removed and nothing can be added,” Postmasters Gallery says of the artist. “One photograph, one source from which to construct new work and a new meaning. The rigor and discipline of this approach unlocks unexpected richness in images that might otherwise be overlooked as familiar, or even dismissed as banal. His is a conceptual exercise of constraint and deceptive simplicity that tests and reveals how much may be achieved with very little.”

Find more of his work on his site.

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