Nathan Vincent’s Crocheted Warfare

by Andy SmithPosted on

Nathan Vincent’s crocheted Army men and weaponry examine the toys and iconography we’re handed as children. The artist’s work ranges from handheld weaponry to full-room installations like “Locker Room.” Each takes a look at sexuality and gender along all stages of life.

“The ‘Boy Toy’ series seeks to point out the ways in which we create norms for children through the toys we give them, bringing forth the reality of gender training, which begins long before we realize,” says Fremin Gallery. “From endorsing aggression, to embracing the ‘desire’ for strength and power, to dictating the way in which children interact with one another, parents often unconsciously instill values and reinforce gender roles. It is Vincent’s mission to continuously question stereotypical ideas, through a medium that is both familiar and (made) uncomfortable, similar conceptually to gender constructs, thus inching closer to a truth no longer utopian, that of a fluid and flexible understanding of the world.”

See more on Vincent’s Instagram page.

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