The Sculptures and Assemblages of Éric Nado

by Andy SmithPosted on

Éric Nado disassembles typewriters and creates provocative guns from their parts, a different take on how the power of words can outweigh manmade weaponry. Elsewhere, he crafts femine figures out of sewing machines, an “homage to feminism in the working class.” All stems from his knack for creating “robota” out of salvaged and recycled material.

“Urban exploration and the quest to tell stories of the past through sculpture-assembly has remained an intricate part of the artist’s creative process,” his site says. “From the relics of our past, Nado creates imposing tribute pieces to a collective recollection and inspire a sense of nostalgia. In moving to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, home to the Singer Factory and to the Canadian Military, his work evolved to add two conceptually strong art series to his portfolio: the Seamstress Series and the Typewriter Guns Series.”

Find more on his site.

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