New Show Explores Decades of Joe Coleman’s Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Joe Coleman’s multi-faceted practice, encompassing painting, performance, and writing, has long made him a revered figure in underground art. In his upcoming show at Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York (where Coleman first emerged), “Joe Coleman and The Shadow Self,” 25 years of the artist’s work is examined. The show kicks off Oct. 25 and runs through Dec. 7 at the space.

“Brimming with biographical and autobiographical anecdotes and executed with the painstaking precision of a single hair paintbrush, these portraits exude a supreme act of empathy, like some multifaceted societal communion,” the gallery says. “The great affection Joe Coleman invests in his portraits is only superseded by a kind of reverence, a faith and a fetish that is ultimately spiritual, seeking transcendence within transgression.”

See more on the gallery’s site and Coleman’s own page.

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