Super Future Kid’s New Candy-Colored Works Shown in ‘Smells Like Teenage Armpit’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Super Future Kid’s candy-colored paintings and sculptures fill Gallery Poulsen later this month with her new show, “Smells Like Teenage Armpit.” The artist says that all of the dimension-hopping paintings, crafted in acrylics and spraypaint, “started out as ideas I had just before falling asleep in my bed.” The show kicks off on Oct. 26 and runs through Nov. 16.

“After the fall of the Berlin Wall life for Super Future Kid changed dramatically,” the gallery says. “Her reality expanded with the sudden emergence of Western popular culture, especially through video games, brightly colored toys, TV commercials and junk food, all of which transformed the world as she knew it completely. It was like a dream for her as an 8-year old kid and as her artistic work reflects, her obsessive fascination with toys, cartoons and colors never changed. Super Future Kid explains that this fascination is a driving force in her work, as it motivates her curiosity and desire to create and to play with thoughts about identity and what it means to be human.”

See more from Super Future Kid on the artist’s site and the gallery’s page.

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