Isaac Cordal Returns With ‘Ego Monuments’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Isaac Cordal brings new sculptures to C.O.A. Galerie in Montreal with “Ego Monuments,” his distinctive everyman showing the solitude of contemporary living. Alongside his balding figures is a depicting of the U.S.’s embattled leader in “Game of Thrones” and human-faced livestock grazing an urban puddle. The show runs through Oct. 12. (Cordal was last featured on our site here.)

“Almost all the sculptures that are part of the exhibition have their eyes closed, immersed in their smartphones or virtual reality headsets,” the gallery says. “Blind to their own reality, they don’t want to see beyond their own perimeter. As seeking to feel unique the opposite effect happens, in fact : we repeat patterns in an industrial way, just as the faces of the sculptures often reproduced identically. As if they were eternally in love with themselves, they all wear a collective mask of boredom.”

See more works from the show on the gallery’s site and the artist’s page.

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