The Painted Visions of Peter Gric

by Andy SmithPosted on

Austrian painter Peter Gric offers surreal visions of the future, with writhing biomechanical creatures and notes from ancient religious art coursing throughout his paintings. Gric’s work also includes sculpture, bringing his metallic forms to life. Though often constructed in acrylics, gold leaf, and other traditional paints, Gric’s work begins as digital sketches:

“In the early nineties Peter Gric started to discover the possibilities of computer graphics for his paintings,” a statement says. “From then on his organic-surreal visual imagery was enriched by complex architectural structures and artefacts. In place of using pencil and sketchbook he began to design his compositions with a 3D visualization software, he started to transfer the virtual reality into painting and consequently found within this fusion to his very unique and distinctive style.”

See more of Gric’s work on his site.

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