The Photographs of Martin Klimas

by Andy SmithPosted on

Photographing porcelain figures the moment they hit the ground, Martin Klimas injects a sense of motion and chaos into an otherwise stationary object. The artist has taken a similar approach to photographing a moment of impact with bullets zipping through vases. For the figures, Klimas says that “the porcelain statuette bursting into pieces isn’t what really captures the attention; the fascination lies in the genesis of a dynamic figure that seems to stop/pause the time and make time visible itself.”

The artist describes his process as such: “From a height of three meters, porcelain figurines are dropped on the ground, and the sound they make when they hit trips the shutter release. The result: razor-sharp images of disturbing beauty, more than the sum of its parts. Temporary sculptures made visible to the human eye by high-speed photography.”

See more works from the artist on his site.

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