The Kinetic Comic Art of Lale Westvind

by Andy SmithPosted on

Comic artist, animator, and painter Lale S Westvind is known for her dynamic narratives and command of hues, recalling Jack Kirby and Golden Age greats such as Fletcher Hanks. Comic series like “GRIP” and “Hax” are showcases for Westvind’s particular talents for conveying the kinetic.

Her series “GRIP,” published by Perfectly Acceptable Press in Chicago, offers a fun premise: “There is a kind of control – of the hands – a type of touch – that is skillful and sure, a graceful and practiced ability, to manipulate… anything…GRIP; After a strange incident a young women’s hands are never still.” Following the lauded “Grip Vol. 1,” the second part will come out soon through the same publisher.

See more of Westvind’s work on her site.

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