The Acrylic Paintings of Olan Ventura

by Andy SmithPosted on

The acrylic paintings of Olan Ventura reference the still-life paintings of the Old Masters, yet take a contemporary turn in conveying what only appear to be printing errors that run hues off the canvas. While conveying “glitches” with paint can be found in the practices of contemporaries, Venture is able to navigate both ends of time in his faithful recreations.

“Inspired by the colourful aesthetics emerging from the Filipino folk Catholic imagination— manifested in its numerous festivals and rituals—Ventura employs a wide spectrum in his palette for Colour Feast,” Yavuz Gallery says. “At the same time, he taps art historical references and the processes of today’s digital technology in image reproduction to add more layers of visual engagement in his pieces.”

See more of his work on the gallery site.

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