Christopher Langton’s Immersive ‘Colony’ Installation

by Andy SmithPosted on

In a major installation at Tolarno Galleries in Melbourne, Christopher Langton built his own immersive system of celestial bodies, robots, and organisms resembling viruses and fungi. “The hyperreal manifestation of Langton’s own recent experiences beset by life-threatening disease and infection, ‘Colony’ beckons us to consider that we are all multi-cellular symbiotic organisms, negotiating a precarious shared ecology,” the gallery says.

The show runs through Sept. 21 at the space. It reportedly took the artist “assembling the works, drawing, meticulously designing, 3D printing and hand painting each of the 39 individual sculptures and two Mechanoid figures in his Melbourne studio.” This is Langton’s first solo exhibition since 2011.

See more works from the artist on the gallery’s site.

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